Make Your Home Easy To Sell: Renovations That Will Increase Value/Appeal To Buyers

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A homeowner should always be trying to increase the value of their home via investing in maintenance and renovations. Not all renovations are created equal as some barely impact the value while others pay for themselves once the owners decide to sell. The home is a huge investment and in fact it is the largest investment that a majority of people make during their lives. Taking care of this investment can allow a homeowner to retire years early due to getting a great return on their investment. The housing market in a particular area will have a large impact on resale price but not nearly as much as upkeep of the home. Picking the right renovations can add thousands of dollars to your home’s value thus paying for themselves over the years. Below are renovations to keep in mind as they can increase the home’s value as well as appeal to potential buyers.

Open Concept Is Key For Some Buyers

The open concept in homes is something that has become much more popular over the last decade. This could be due to the variety of TV shows highlighting a home search for an individual or couple. Nobody can get through an entire episode without the phrase “Open concept” being uttered. The kitchen being open to the living area usually is what this refers to as most people do not want an open feeling when it comes to the master bedroom. An open home seems to make furniture and usable space flow in a more natural way. Consult with a contractor what it will take to give the home an open feel. You might find that it is much cheaper than expected while offering a completely new energy to a certain space in the home.

Get Rid Of The Carpet

Carpet is simply not in style in many home buyers’ minds as it can easily look dated. Combine that with the fact that it is much more difficult to clean than tile or wood flooring makes carpet undesirable. The right flooring can make a home that might look like it needs a makeover into a turnkey property. Consult with multiple contractors that do flooring and supply the tile yourself if possible. This cuts the cost as many contractors might bump up the price for each square foot of material ordered to maximize profitability of the project. Those homeowners with dogs need to remove carpeting before listing the home as pet odors as well as wear and tear of owning pets can easily be detected.

Bathrooms Need A Makeover

Bathrooms need to be maintained as they take quite a bit of punishment from steam and usage. A bathroom that has not been updated for years can easily be seen in comparison to other parts of the home. Something as simple as putting in new tile or a new bathtub can completely change the look for the bathroom. Do not hire a person who is not certified or insured as this is asking for trouble. Look for an expert like those at to get only the highest quality work done. Great bathrooms can make or break a home sale so take care of these small but important areas.

Backyard Pool/Deck

The entertainment potential of a home is something that can attract buyers depending on their lifestyle. Even those people who do not frequently host parties will want a nice backyard to relax in. For those in warmer climates having a pool can be a great way to spend relaxing weekend days or have friends over. A pool is going to cost money for maintenance but it can add quite a bit of value to the home when selling. A professionally done outdoor kitchen and deck can help increase a home’s entertainment potential exponentially. Being able to host a party while keeping the mess as well as the guests outside helps reduce or eliminate a majority of cleaning that has to be done. Find professionals to install a pool as well as a deck. The pool having a leak could cost hundreds of dollars in water if the leak is not found soon enough. A poorly done deck can be a hazard to the health of everyone that steps foot on it. You do not want a company gathering to turn into a lawsuit due to someone being injured on your deck. The extra money it will cost for professionals to do the deck is well worth the peace of mind knowing everyone will be safe everywhere in your backyard oasis.

Take care of your home with maintenance as well as renovations and your home will take care of you when it comes time to sell. Consider the above projects to increase your home’s value as well as appeal to buyers.

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