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Written by Posted On Tuesday, 28 August 2018 20:28

Making decisions is always herd even though we make them every day. Some of them are more important than others but can be equally confusing. It is not without a reason that successful business leaders try to minimize the influence of routine decisions on their lives. Mark Zuckerberg famously wears almost the same outfit every day because he does not want to spend his precious time on making this decision. However, there are a lot more serious options to choose from that have a tremendous influence on your life. For example, you might be questioning yourself what investment to make and which property to choose. Or maybe you can't decide whether to start a new business with a new branding or try to save from bankrupting the one you already have. These are tough questions. To make the process of decision-making less stressful and more effective, you may use some of the following tips.


  • Set clear priorities

When there are countless options of what you have to do and all of them seem to be equally important, do not fool yourself with this feeling. Some of them definitely are of more value than others. try to prioritize all of your options in a logical order to see a clear picture. For instance, while you are in college, you want to pass all the courses successfully but sometimes it is impossible due to the lack of time. You have two options - to score low on a term paper or turn to a paper writing service and ge5t the grade you need. Decide on what is more important for you - to pass a course or do everything on your own without anyone else's help.


  • Identify the consequences

Think about the consequences every option will lead you to and try to understand which results are unacceptable for you. There will definitely be some of the choices that have the worst case scenarios. Your goal is to forget about these options and find a healthy balance. It is not a good idea to find compromises when the final decision depends on you only. However, you will come across the situations in life when there will be no other choice. Try to choose the option that has the least dreadful consequences. Keep in mind that it will not always be the best choice, though.


  • Find alternatives

The options you are choosing from might be not the only ones you can use. You might be missing something. Try to find other alternatives and evaluate their possible impact on your life. Brainstorming can be a good way of finding some additional ways of taking effective decisions. Do not rely on the instant list of options you come up with and continue looking for the new ones. There might be some you don't consider because think of them as of the improbable ones. Add them as well. The practice shows that those are often the most insightful and helpful ones.  

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