8 Easy Ways to Compartmentalize an Open Floor Plan

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Open floor plan homes are very popular these days but not everyone is into flowing rooms or a fan of open layouts. If you find yourself gravitating towards buying a beautiful open layout condo or buying a home with an open floor plan but would love to have options for creating separate ‘rooms’ within, then keep reading because we have some easy ways to achieve that for your space!

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Open Floor Plan Ideas

Consider installing built-in options that will allow you to hide your office or your entertainment centre when not in use. This way, you can convert areas of your home into another space while giving each space a specific purpose when needed.

Bring In Screens And Dividers

Open Floor Plan Ideas2

Standing screens that can be moved when needed are decorative screens and dividers that take virtually no set-up time. They’re relatively inexpensive and create a huge impact when dividing a large space.

Do it With Plants

Open Floor Plan Ideas3

A huge plant or a row of small ornamentals can help define and separate spaces without taking up much space. This is a great idea for use in bachelor pads, studio condominiums, or attic turned family room. They’re perfect for décor too!

Create Zones of Furniture

Open Floor Plan Ideas4

By simply placing a large sofa in the middle of a large room facing one of the walls, you can divide that room into 2 and create an ‘intimate’ sitting area while at it. This trick can create functional and mental space divisions too.

Use Rugs to Define Spaces

Open Floor Plan Ideas5

Area rugs are a great way to anchor furniture together and define a certain area for a certain function or purpose. Not only do they tie furniture pieces together beautifully, they’re great for creating mood too.

Exploit Natural Separation Points

Open Floor Plan Ideas6

If a large room has a beam running across the ceiling or has a big structural detail (like a closet or a door) in the middle, make use of that to make each half of the room its own space. You can reinforce natural separation points by using area rugs or adding screens and dividers as mentioned above.

Have Fun With Curtains

Open Floor Plan Ideas7

Curtains need not be confined to windows because they make excellent room dividers more so when installed as floor to ceiling curtains. They’re great for small spaces, relatively inexpensive, and are perfect for renters. Curtains have amazing sound-absorbing qualities too so can help make a cavernous room feel more intimate.

Nominate an Accent Wall

Open Floor Plan Ideas8

An accent wall is perhaps the easiest way to achieve separation in a large room that is doable as a weekend project yet have the biggest impact. A strong rich colour can anchor one side of the room as well as give it a much-needed sense of personality. If you don’t want to commit to painting an entire wall, you can achieve the same effect by using fabric.

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