Getting Your House Ready for This Winter

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 05 September 2018 12:38

It’s that time again. Coffee shops have placed their pumpkin spice menus out and many retailers already have their Halloween decorations, candies, and costumes on the floor. Though fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd, it is never too early to begin prepping your home for the coming winter.

With cooler temperatures, it is slightly more appealing to get some of these chores out of the way. However, completing them before winter sets in can help to make your home more energy efficient and perhaps prevent some major repairs being needed during the winter months.

“Prepping your home for winter is an absolutely essential task if you want to potentially avoid some costly repairs, especially in areas that see significant snow and ice,” says Steve Lewis, President and CEO of Ambient Edge, a heating repair company in Las Vegas.

Thankfully, these are chores that are easily accomplished. In fact, many of them are things that most homeowners should be able to do themselves.

#1. Clean Gutters and Downspouts

Clogged or blocked gutters and downspouts can wreak havoc on your home’s foundation, siding, and can even lead to flooding in your basement and other areas of your home. The best time to accomplish this task is once most of the leaves have fallen. Once you have cleaned, make sure that water is being drained properly and doesn’t pool. If you’re not comfortable getting up on a ladder or the roof of your home, hire a service to complete this task for you.

#2. Furnace and Fireplace Tune-up

There’s no doubt that with cooler temperatures coming, your fireplace and furnace are going to start getting used. Before that happens, make an appointment with a heating and air professional to check out your furnace. Check your chimney and flue for obstructions like bird’s nests, branches, or other debris.

#3. Seal Cracks and Other Openings

Mice and other small rodents as well as insects are going to look for warm places to crawl into during colder temperatures. Only a small opening or crack can allow critters to enter, and more importantly heat to escape. Caulking cracks and repairing larger openings is a simple and relatively cheap repair job.

#4. Turn Off the Tap!

Drain water hoses and turn off exterior water access. Water left in outdoor pipes can freeze and expand, cracking or breaking these pipes, leading to costly repairs. A damaged water hose can cause water to spill, leading to frozen steps and walkways.

#5. Trim Trees and Bushes

Take the time to clear and trim trees and bushes. This is especially true for trees with branches that are close to power lines and your roof. Ice can form on branches, leading to these falling during colder winter temperatures. This can lead to costly repairs, or in the case of downed power lines, loss of electricity, which can affect your neighbors, too!

Spending just a few days at the start of fall to take care of prepping your home for the winter months can ensure that you and your home remain cozy and warm in winter. 

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