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Choosing building materials is one of the most important aspects when planning a construction project. You have to make sure of your local availability, make a general quote of everything you will need and measure suitability according to the structure you are going to build. In this article, we will emphasize the materials commonly used to create metal structures. The reason why we are specific and we do not talk about the materials required in the work, in general, is that before all, we must ensure that the foundation of your building has the right materials to ensure its strength and durability.

The most used construction materials for metal structures

There are various metals to build a good structure. However, you must first understand your division, to identify when each of them should be used. The first classification is ferrous metals, composed of iron minerals that must undergo different processes to achieve the necessary purity. These types of metals are the most used today. The second classification is non-ferrous materials; these do not come from iron and have a wide variety of applications. They are usually distinguished by their density and, in general, are alloyed with other metals to improve their properties.

Now we will mention the most used construction materials of both classifications.


When mixed with another material, it achieves properties that make it a hard, tenacious and highly resistant resource. For example, if you combine steel with manganese it becomes resistant to wear; with the chrome, the steel is stainless and with the nickel, you will avoid the corrosion. In short, the steel will serve for any type of metal structure that you wish to carry out. For something is the most used material in construction. Then, you just have to identify the different types of steel and know when to use each one. By carefully analyzing the type of construction to be made, building house with galvanized steel coils materials will be a very efficient material.

Wrought iron

Of the different alloys with iron, the floor is the purest, hardest, and manipulable that exists. It has even been used for large metal structures over the years. One example is the Eiffel Tower, which although the iron was not used in the whole work, yes in a percentage. It should be noted that this material is more fragile compared to others. At present, the difficulty of joining the iron with more elements through welding has meant that it is intended for decorative or secondary uses in construction. For example: bars and other constructions that have little to do with the foundation of a metal structure.


It is no longer common to see this non-ferrous material used to make metal structures. The main reason is that it has been assigned to specific functions due to its high price. Its electrochemical qualities make it necessary in most constructions. Especially in the manufacture of electrical conductors, radiators, soldiers, pipes, even in the roof of buildings, as it is an excellent waterproofing. In addition, it is a material that provides energy and a favorable aesthetic appearance. It is not a viable material to form a structure, but it is undoubtedly still an element that provides greater protection to it and that is still essential in construction works.


Aluminum is a light material compared to steel. It is versatile and easy to handle. Although the structures cannot be supported by this material, it can be an excellent option to cover them, providing them with greater protection. Although this material is used more than anything in the construction of aircraft and lightweight structures, it is still a metal present in the facilities for its multiple uses. It is important to note that the alloys have to be selected with special care and tested by specialists. This to ensure its full functionality according to the purpose sought.

Study the different forms of alloys

When you are in charge of a construction project, it is logical that you are very clear about what it is to allocate the construction materials. However, it is important to always stay updated on the specific advantages that arise from each of them. Knowing how to use the right percentages of PPGI(Prepainted Galvanized Steel Coil) and checking with experts if you are using the correct amount for your metal structure is an excellent way to improve the quality of your buildings day by day.

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