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Information about the working mechanism of a Thermal Oxidizer

Written by Posted On Monday, 10 September 2018 11:45

Before we know what exactly a thermal oxidizer does, we must first understand what they are in the first place.

So, what exactly are these thermal oxidizers and how do they work?

A thermal oxidizer basically is akin to a box burner. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs are meant to be oxidized, or in layman’s terms, burnt to destroy them using these devices. They mean to decompose or break the compounds into carbon dioxide and water, making them far less injurious and hence acceptable and harmless to the environment.

When you use a recuperative thermal oxidizer, there’s a heat exchanger involved, along with a combustion chamber, which in turn increases the efficiency of the device. How?

Such oxidizers can handle a wide process flow rate range and VOC concentrations. The heat exchangers preheat the compound stuffed air before letting it into the combustion division. These oxidizers also serve to reduce the operating costs by a huge amount since they are much more process efficient than conventional ones.


Are there any other kinds of thermal oxidizers?

Yes, apart from a recuperative variant there are three other varieties of thermal oxidisers that one could use. These two kinds of thermal oxidisers are as follows:

  • Regenerative
  • Enclosed flare oxidisers
  • Portable thermal oxidisers

We build oxidisers that suit your requirement in the best possible manner. Our topmost priorities lie in ensuring that you, the user can operate them according to your convenience. Our company also works in close association with you to ensure that you get exactly what suits your investment in such a device.


What are the most common uses for a  thermal oxidizer?

Thermal oxidizers find usage in the following applications:

  • Corn processing facilities
  • Fibreglass and other related industrial arenas
  • Manufacturing of beverage cans
  • Polystyrene foam manufacturing processes
  • Metal finishing operations

To get an overview of the approximate time required for installations suiting a particular project, you could always refer to a time frame available online. Such calculators consider various variables that specifically affect your project, by allowing you to provide certain dependent factors. The results provided by these are more or less accurate and reliable.

Further, for any service issues, our professionals are always available only a ring away.

What else can these thermal oxidizers do to ease your troubles?

A custom made oxidizer uses upgraded burner controls for better efficiency. Apart from that one can also avail tailor made energy saving alternatives and extensions to ensure that these devices work at their maximum potential.

Hence thermal oxidizers are the best bet you have for your environmental concerns in the present scenario. And like spoken earlier we shall ensure that you get better value for your money with our devices and round the clock customer support services. To get the apt quote, you can contact us anytime and we shall be at your service with the best in our hand.

We give the best of our devices and services for you, for a better and safer environment!

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