Five Ways to Find the Right Home for You and Your Kids

Written by Posted On Monday, 17 September 2018 12:00

Finding the perfect home can seem difficult. Finding the perfect home for your kids can seem like searching for a piece of hay in a needlestack. Ouch! Among all of the searches you or your realtor do, there is a way to drastically narrow your search results to find something your entire family will be happy with. Consider the tips below to make the process of finding a home you love far easier.

1. Ask Your Kids What They Like

Your kids will give you a good idea of what they like in a home. When you're looking for a house, it's a good idea to take into account the things they like. They might like the idea of having a large bathtub or a fireplace to put up stockings and decorations around the holidays. If they have a hard time telling you what they want, ask them what kinds of activities they'd like to do in the new home. This will give you an idea of what they'll like in the home without directly saying what that is. For example, they might say that they want pancakes on Saturday mornings. This lets you know that you need a nice dining room. Sometimes, it's a good idea to drive around and let your kids point out houses they like. When they show you one, ask them what they like about it. Maybe they like that the front yard looks like a nice place to play or they notice the house has a second floor.

2. Safety Is a Huge Concern

You need a home you feel safe purchasing. If the idea of your little one fitting through the rails on the balcony patio scares you, don't feel pressured to buy the home. As a buyer, you're entitled to know certain things about the home you're interested in. If anything doesn't sound safe for your kids, such as the house's electrical wiring, old paint or old piping, take that house off your list. Besides, you could end up saving money down the road on possible disasters.

3. Fun Things to Do Nearby

Kids need to get out of the house every now and then. Plus, you need a break too. Ultimately, the house you choose should have fun things to do close to the home. Children like going to the park. You can go on picnics there, and they can work out their wiggles while they socialize with children their age. You might want to go skating or grab some ice cream. During the evening, you might like a nice sidewalk to take a stroll after dinner.

4. Ask Yourself What's Important to You

Your realtor should be asking you what you must absolutely have in your home. If they're not, you need to consider this on your own before getting a home you regret. If family night is a big production, you're going to need an extra large living room or den. If you love to cook, and that's where your family tends to hang out, you'll need a kitchen that's connected with a generous dining room.

5. Ask Yourself if You Can Envision You and Your Kids in the Home

You need to be able to see you and your kids in the house you choose. When you can envision day to day life, cuddling on the couch with blankets, where you'll put your furniture and Sunday morning breakfasts, you'll know it's the right house for you. Your kids might start telling you where they're going to keep their Trunks toys, stuffed animals and bed. This lets you know that they really like the house. Keep this in mind with every house you see. If something is offsetting about a house, it's not the one for you.


Looking for a new home can be fun too. Keep a list of all your "musts" that the home should have. This will reduce your search process as you look online and when your realtor looks through the MLS.

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