7 Tips to Make Your Home Look Amazing in Photos When Selling Your Home

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First impressions create a huge impact on how a prospective buyer views your home. If you’re selling your home and planning a photo shoot, you’ll want to make sure that you feature your home in the best possible light to showcase just how amazing it is. After all, photos are what people see first when they see your home listing online and the best way to ensure a sale is by attracting serious buyers. Below are some tips for taking photos when selling your home to get you started on the right foot!

Clean, Clean, Clean!


A clean home that is free from clutter photographs well. Start by freeing surfaces such as countertops and moving personal items inside drawers and cabinets where they can’t be seen. It might be a good idea to put some of your things in storage to prepare you for your eventual move after selling your home and to help you prepare your home for photos and staging.

Freshen Up the Bathroom


People can be very picky when it comes to bathrooms so it advisable to go beyond merely cleaning them. Be sure to take out personal items and stage the bathrooms with clean, fresh, and crisp towels. Installing new lighting or replacing old bulbs will make a huge impact as well and can make your bathroom appear bigger.

Light is Your Friend


Turning on all lights and making sure that they all work can really make your photos shine. Well-lit rooms translate well on photos and make your place appear larger. Cleaning windows and opening shades and curtains are a part of this as well. Taking photos in natural light produces beautiful photos for your listing.

Straighten the Bedrooms


Fluff up pillows, smoothen the bedcovers, and clean the surfaces, especially the bedside tables because high definition cameras will pick up every detail. A hotel-like feel is a good inspiration for bedroom staging.

Go Green and Bright


A touch of green here and there won’t hurt as well as a few vases of fresh blooms. Fake flowers are fine, just be sure to not use overly fake ones. If using your own plants, don’t forget to wipe leaves to make them extra vibrant, more so if you have pets.

Make Things Shine!


Polish surfaces, clean appliances, and polish your floors and countertops. You can hire a cleaning service to do this for you or do this yourself as long as you make sure that you use the right cleaning agent and polishing material for each surface.

Showcase Your Favourite Features


A bathtub with a view should be cleaned to make sure that it is picture-ready, a grand fireplace is best lit on the day of the shoot, and a beautiful porch should be shown as such, more so if taking videos for your listing as well.

Lastly, before you schedule the shoot, make sure that you do a home walk-through and preselect areas and angles you can suggest to the photographer to capture the best features of your home. Check outside areas and make sure that they are tidy and cleaned and that your windows are clear from things that can block the view from the inside. Remember, it’s all about creating a first impression that gets even better when buyers see your home in person!

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