5 good rules for choosing a real estate agency

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Putting the house for sale is always a challenging business, thinking of doing it alone is a non-indifferent gamble, especially in uncertain market times. Relying on a competent real estate agency is the right decision, and with some suggestions, you can also understand which the best real estate agency is for you. Real estate agents offer valuable support to ensure a safe purchase of a home. Here are 5 tips to choose the right one.

1. Choose by method

To sell a house, it is not enough to put an announcement, make an appointment with the probable buyer and sign the contract. Maybe it was that easy! To be able to sell a house it is necessary to choose a real estate agency:

  • That is present on the same territory as the building,
  • Who knows how to prepare the most effective ad,
  • That knows the reference market very well,
  • And that guarantees you an excellent selection of customers that will allow you to sell your property at the best price.

2. This is the right price

Evaluating the real price of a home is important because if you put it on the market at too high a figure it will risk remaining unsold for several months. And when you will then be forced to lower the price the negotiation will become even more difficult, any buyers will ask you for a further discount because of your obvious difficulty in selling. Not to mention that this generates distrust: buyers will wonder what nasty surprises can hide behind so much hesitation. A serious real estate agency, on the other hand, helps you to make a correct assessment of the property taking into account all the variables, starting from the state of the reference market. That's why choosing a real estate agency is always useful.

3. The art of enhancing

Before selling your property you have to enhance it. The best real estate agencies know very well how they emphasize the merits of a house and also know what are the most sought after features at the time, on which details can be useful to intervene to make your apartment more palatable and maybe be able to raise a bit the price. If you are undecided about which real estate agency to choose, always opt for the one that moves you little constructive criticism and gives you the advice to improve the apartment, instead it lets loose those who simplify everything.

4. How to get noticed among the house announcements

Finding buyers is not a simple undertaking. This is why it is important to prepare the house before receiving their visit and even before taking photographs. A serious and capable real estate agent helps you in home staging or the art of setting up a home to sell it better. Move some piece of furniture to art, adjust colors, and take care of lighting, perfect order and cleanliness: they are small interventions that make the difference. Finally, with the help of professional photographs, you will see that the house will immediately change appearance. Get noticed amid the tide of announcements of houses for sale is essential: if from the photos the buyer immediately receives a good impression, it will be better prepared not to reply to the price during the visit. Not to mention that relying on a real estate agency also serves to draw on the network of investors and perhaps even foreign clients.

5. Who thinks about certifications, documents, and contracts?

Even if there were not the reasons just expressed, this point would suffice to explain why it is necessary to choose a real estate agency: managing the contractual part is always tiring. There is a preliminary sale that must be prepared in such a way as not to leave loopholes, and the do-it-yourself is always very risky. There is all the documentation on the certifications of the plants to be attached, there are reports of condominium expenses to be provided ... In short, you risk suffocating under a sea of ​​paper and get caught up in anxiety before you even have arrived at the deed. Relying on a real estate agency also avoids this stress. And it's not cheap.

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