How to repair the roof of the house

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The roof is one of the most important elements in the construction of a house. For this reason, it is important that it is reliable and perfectly protected from negative external facts.

Correct design of the roof will reliably protect the house from adverse weather conditions. But whatever it is, over time, even high-quality materials become unusable, and in order to restore the functions of this important building element of the building, repairs have to be made. In some cases, you may need to replace the roofing materials or overhaul yourself. The toronto roofers is the best place for you where you will get reliable and professional services for repair the roof of the house.

How to repair the roof of the house: The preparatory stage

Before you begin repairing the roof, you need to evaluate its condition. First, you need to inspect the structure from the inside, check the strength of the deck and the condition of the rafters. Then you can start examining the outer surface of the roof.

It is important to pay attention not only to the condition of the material, but also to the joints of the coating elements, and how closely they are adjacent to the pipe, ventilation system or ridge. After a preliminary inspection, it is necessary to decide on the forthcoming costs and the number of repairs.

If you only need emergency repair of the roof of the house, implying the restoration of severely damaged areas, then it can be done even without the help of a specialist. Current repair requires replacement of 10 to 40% of the area of ​​roofing and in some cases requires intervention by specialists. When overhauling (more than 40% of the roof), it may be necessary to dismantle large areas or even completely replace the roof and other roof elements.

In the case of partial repair of the roof of the apartment building, it is carefully inspected for damage and replaces materials in these places.

Basic safety rules

Doing work on the roof, you need to be as cautious as possible. If from the height you have dizziness, then it is better to entrust this matter to specialists. If despite the fear of heights, they decided to do everything themselves, then it is worth following the following recommendations:

1. Do not work when working poorly, whether it's wind or rain. Doing work on the roof, in this case, is dangerous, as the roofing material becomes slippery, and you can fall.

2. Clothes should be free when performing work, and shoes are not slippery.

3. It is better to have a ladder with a margin of length. It should be stable and well secured.

4. Move only in the middle of the stairs, not clinging to its side.

5. Take the teammate. In case of that, it will always help you to reassure, to give the tool and prove useful in cases when it is difficult to perform works alone.

6. While repairing the roof, it is necessary that the staircase has staples, which it will be convenient to fasten it over the crest. This is necessary to ensure that the workload is distributed as evenly as possible.

If suddenly you cannot get close to the damaged area of ​​the roof and it is almost inaccessible, for example, if you need to repair the roof on the balcony, it is better to leave this venture. Do not risk your life if you are not sure that you can cope with the task. It is better to entrust this process to specialists working at height, for example, industrial climbers.

How to repair the roof of the house from ceramic tiles?

The reasons for which there may be a need for changing the shingles may be very different. However, the most common is that on the surface of this material, cracks are formed, through which water penetrates into the room. They can appear at strong temperature changes, when the roofing coating sharply expands or contracts. Another common reason is that the solutions that fixed the tiles expand over time.

In the first case, the roof construction needs to be securely fastened. Reinforce the rafters with wooden bars. In this case, it is better to cover the cracks with cement mortar. In the second case, it is necessary to replace the old crumbled solution. Its composition can be as follows: 2 parts of sand and 1 part of lime. To achieve the best binding effect in a solution add fibers tow. When planning to repair the roof of the garage, use roll materials, but apart from them, you will need a gas burner, a knife, a rope, a gas tank, and a ladder.

But the main cause of leaks is the rupture of the waterproofing layer, which is laid when installing between the padded crate and the rafters. On top of them are tiled. Such defects can be eliminated as follows:

---> With the help of a tool such as a trowel, in the place where you need to repair, you need to remove those pieces of the roof that are worth replacing. After that, hammer small wedges under the shingles, this is located on top.

---> Next, pull out the fasteners from the rails on the rafter, insert a thick piece of cardboard under the slats, and then cut out the saw at the points of damage.

---> After prolonged manipulations with the help of a construction knife, it is possible to cut off that part of the waterproofing that was damaged, and then apply a large patch by gluing its edges with a special adhesive created on the basis of polymers.

---> Regarding the repair of the rebated roof, it is often required when leaks occur in places where smoke passes, leakage of seams or deflection of roofing material.

---> Then you need to measure the gaps between the trimmed ends of the bar, and then cut the missing parts. Do not forget to soak them with an antiseptic. After the treatment, nail new fragments using anti-corrosion nails.

---> The final stage is the return to their place of new shards of roofing material.

After all the measures, it is necessary to ensure a high-quality protection of the structure against possible moisture and mildew. To do this, the entire surface is treated with a special composition consisting of a mixture of soil and synthetic resins. Such a composition will well protect the entire roof surface, as it creates a beautiful screen when interacting with water, which will act as a protection against water. Special paint can also provide reliable protection against precipitation.

How to repair sheet metal roofing

Causes that can damage the metal roof, there may be many. It can be corrosion of metal, poor-quality sealing during the processing of seams on the bonded coating. But in any case, if the damage is detected, it is necessary to take measures to eliminate them, that is, to begin repairing the roof. Otherwise, in the future, it will turn out to be serious problems for you.

How to repair a seam roof

If you find any defects in the sheet roof, then you need to begin to eliminate them as soon as possible. If this is damage from corrosion of metal, then it is necessary to exclude the moment of its spread to other parts of the roof.

With minor problems, the roof can be repaired as follows:

---> clean the repair area from damage using a steel brush;

---> It is necessary to cut out the patch from the metal sheet, but with a margin to make it larger than the defect area;

---> Further, where the damage occurred, its edges and edges of the patch should be covered with a special flux, which includes zinc and lead, and then solder them with a reliable soldering iron;

---> As soon as the superimposed patch has cooled, it is necessary to cut the excess solder with a file or plaster;

---> So that the repaired area does not stand out, we recommend to apply a facade paint (in one layer) to the roof color.

If the damage is not very large, it is better to completely replace the sheets of corrugated board, where they are damaged.

How to repair the roof of the house from metal

Typically, the flow of the roof of the metal roof is the resulting corrosion, errors in its flooring, as well as often in those cases where the fasteners are fixed not firmly and strongly loosened up. It is possible that the damage occurred as a result of cleaning the coating.

In the event that there were scratches on the shingles, they should be eliminated in a timely manner, using a special paint. Finding the gaps between the molds and the metal part of the structure, and in some cases also under the skates, they need to be filled with silicone sealant.

As for the hole through the character, it can easily be eliminated with a patch and a soldering iron. If there are many reasons, it is necessary to replace all damaged sheets.

In most cases, the fasteners become loose, because it has poor quality, and therefore pay special attention to its choice. Then it can expand, just like the washers made of rubber, serve for a short while and still undergo a whirring. In this case, do not try to fix the washers that are out of order, but use a new mount.

If leakage joint seams are detected, repair is performed using tapes on a self-adhesive basis. More effort will be required if the "cake" from the roof itself was not executed correctly. Usually, specially insulated pitched roofs often occur, as a result of the use of inexpensive vapor-insulating materials. Materials such as a perforated film, although costly, but poorly derive moisture, which it accumulates.

Solve this problem by replacing the old film with a more modern material, for example, a diffused membrane. It perfectly protects the insulation from moisture penetration. However, it is necessary to recognize that this method does not apply to cheap ones, in this case, since it will be necessary to change all coverings, which can cause significant financial costs.

How to repair a roof from bitumen shingles

Such material, first of all, is good because bitumen is a universal material, which makes it easy to replace all sheets and tiles. However, the weather conditions must fully meet the work performed. The air temperature at which repairs can be carried out should not be less than + 5 ° C.

This restriction is associated with the physical properties of bitumen. In the case of a large frost, such a material becomes brittle and may crack. If cracks appear on the tile, it is necessary to raise it and cover it with special roofing glue from the inside or use mastic. Then the tile should be tightly pressed and the outer part treated with the same composition.

---> More serious defects can be completely eliminated by replacing the roof cover.

---> Applying a small crowbar, you need to gently lift the tile, which is higher, and then remove the one on which the damage is detected.

---> Nails fixing the damaged crock must be pulled out with a nail gun.

---> Apply glue to the inner edge of the upper edge.

---> Insert it, under the tile, located a little higher in the upper row. To fix it you need small nails, designed for the roof.

---> The edges located below and above that which has already been laid, it is necessary to grease with glue, and then tightly press.

Quality repair of the roof of slate sheets

Planning the repair of the slate roof, you need to move around it as carefully as possible, as the slate sheets are fragile and when they break, you can lose balance and fall. When repairing the slate roof, it is better to use a special ladder-ladder, which provides an optimal distribution of the body weight of the person on the entire surface of the roof.

Repair of the roof of slate is not difficult. If the damage is detected, it can be closed with a cement-sand mortar (sand-cement ratio 1: 2).

In case of mechanical damage repair of seam roof is carried out by means of extension seams, a new sheet is inserted, and then the seams are sealed. Sometimes a method is used to restore the integrity of the coating from slate with an adhesive tape, which is based on butyl rubber. To do this, clean the area with a clean cloth, after having moistened it with "White" alcohol or benzene.

First, cut a piece of tape of the required size, then remove the protective paper and paste it on the crack. The crack itself is covered by about 4-5 cm. On the front side, it is usually covered with a non-woven durable material that is painted in the required color, so that there are no noticeably repaired areas. For such purposes, a special paint designed for roofs is used.

If you notice that the roof of the slate has started to "knock", check, perhaps, the mount has loosened. You need to fix them with screws or change them to new ones with a fairly wide bonnet. When removing old nails, watch for a uniform load between adjacent waves. To clean a roof from slate from a snow or the put garbage costs a broom or a soft brush. Even careful cleaning with a wooden or iron shovel can damage the slate.

Completion of repairs

After the repair is completed, remove the debris and other waste from the roof and around the house. Well, if you do prevent the waterproofing with a special glue or resin, namely, carefully handle the areas around hatches, pipes, antennas. To update the color of these or other elements of the roof in the construction shops you will find a variety of paint designed for these purposes.

If a patch was installed during the repair of the rebated roof, we recommend using a tool that will age the metal; as a result, the patch will not stand out against the roof. The most suitable time for performing repairs is autumn or spring when it's warm, dry, but not hot outside. This is a convenient time for preventive maintenance and inspection of the roof.

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