How to Create a Fun Office Space

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A office is often a very special space. This is where people spend most of their lives aside from their houses so you know how much your employees spend their time there. The office can be your favorite place is you design it well enough and it can improve your employee net promoter score. When you think about an office you should to design it as if it was going to be perfect man cave or the space you use for a party. Offices need to be a fun, safe space. If you're thinking about ways you can improve your office, there's lots of little things that will make a big difference. This is the ideal part of your office to give a little extra thought and let your imagination run wild. Best of all, you can make your Office a room of many purposes so you'll always have the exact space you need.


Lighting is a Must

Offices can be dank spaces with little light. Lighting is essential. This will help prevent accidents and make the office much safer. There are lots of ways to bring lighting to your office. Office window wells bring in natural light and air. Other parts of the office benefit from artificial lighting of all kinds. Begin with any stairs to the office. Stairs should have enough lighting so everyone can see where they're going even late at night. Overhead lights are a good choice as they can illuminate all parts of the office. Set up a cozy corner in one part of the space with scattered uplights.


Storage Considerations

Many managers choose to use the office to have additional storage. Make this task easier with the right kind of storage. For example, consider lots of built-in storage. Use the staircase to put in extra shelving. Storage space can also be carved out of other spaces in the office. Using awkward spaces such as little corners allows every single space to be used efficiently. Add in other options. A hanger with hooks for clothing and cubicles next to the door are good choices that help you stay organized.


Make the Deco Fun

The office drywall can feel drab and unappealing. It can be hard to clean and get dinghy over time. Make the office more appealing by redoing these walls. Wainscot paneling is a great way to add detail. Use them to help define the space better. Paint the bottom of the panels white to bring in more color. You can also consider adding a contrasting color such as vivid red or deep blue to help show off the panel's fine details. This is also a good space to use your favorite fabrics. If you have a collection of scarves from your travels abroad, hang them across the walls. They'll add color and pattern. Create a office that feels like a fun place to be with dark green walls and lots of pictures of your employees favorite pictures they have taken. It give your office personality.


The Flooring

Your office floors need to be thought about carefully. You want flooring that can take a beating and still look good. This is a good place for options that are soft underfoot and easy to clean. Rubber tiles offer lots of give for a office you're using as a family room. Tile is durable and stands up to potential water damage easily without staining. Tiles that look like wood offer a warm welcome and yet are also easy to clean and will take on water without a problem in the event the office floods. You can layer on the texture and warmth with lots of different kinds of rugs. Place several in varied areas. This helps define each space and provide softness underfoot when you want to take off your shoes and snuggle up with your family as you all watch your favorite shows.


Extra space in any office is incredibly useful. The office space you'll need to hold a office party, welcome new clients or enjoy work more knowing you have a great space to work in. Making your office more livable is easier than ever. Lighting, storage, and flooring help bring it to life.

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