Do you know the wind rating for your Flagpole?

Written by Posted On Saturday, 29 September 2018 19:08

Of all the parts of your home, office building, corporate campus, or store, the flagpole sitting in front is probably the most underrated. Flagpoles have the important job of holding a flag high so that it can be prominently displayed in all kinds of weather. Because of this, it is essential that a flagpole be able to withstand heavy winds in a variety of weather conditions. A flagpole's wind rating is one of the most essential things to consider when choosing the best flagpole for your building, so that you can keep your flags flying high no matter what Mother Nature brings their way.

In many areas of the United States, March is the windiest month, and gusty spring winds become an extremely important factor for choosing a strong, sturdy flagpole. As you weigh your options before purchasing your flagpole, it is important to assess its windspeed rating. This rating is used to determine a flagpole's ability to stand up to even the strongest gusts of wind in your region, and keep your flag majestically waving despite the extreme conditions. In addition to wind being a safety concern, your flagpole's windspeed rating can also help determine the maximum size of the flag that it is designed to support. This way, you can be sure that the flagpole you select is up to the task of displaying your flag day in and day out.

A flagpole's windspeed rating always takes the flag itself into account, in terms of its size and quality. The windspeed rating of a flagpole is based on a calculation made with the assumption that a high-quality, correctly-sized flag will be flown. Lower-quality flags or flags that are too big for the flagpole run the risk of becoming severely damaged by strong winds. Your flagpole's windspeed rating should be used to determine not only the type of flagpole that best fits your needs, but also the dimensions of the flag to be attached to it. After all, your flagpole's windspeed rating only holds true if you are flying the recommended size and quality of flag; otherwise, you could be inviting flag damage or even danger.

Once you've chosen a flagpole based on its windspeed rating, it's simple to purchase the required size and quality of flag for it. This way you will be able to preserve your flag, ensure its integrity, and keep it protected from damage in even the most forceful winds!

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