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After you’ve done your search for your dream house, it’s good to start thinking about the theme you want for each room. If you have kids, it would be nice to decorate their room with their favorite disney character or toy. For a young girl, it is common to decorate the room in pink with clouds, flowers, or butterflies. Making your house a peaceful environment makes a happy family. Feng shui is often a home style people consider. Feng shui is a certain way in which you organize a room and it comes from Chinese culture. Good feng shui essentially means good health and fortune, while bad feng shui means bad luck or misfortune. Everyone has different styles in the way they decorate their house, but feng shui is very common. It all depends on you and what you like, but just be sure that it creates a bright, clean environment with the colors and decorations you use. Colors are essential in appearance because colors give off a certain emotion. For example, using dark colors for everything will make it look sad and kind of plain, instead, use dark and light colors to give off a nice contrast that makes it pleasing to look at.




If you pick wood flooring, be careful when moving around the furniture. Moving the furniture aggressively could scratch up the floor. As for the contrast with decorations, use it for your furniture as well. For example, if you have a dark grey couch, using light grey or white designer pillows to go on top would make it look great. Also, if you have a dark colored couch, I would suggest using a white or glass coffee table to go with it. Otherwise, if you have a white couch, consider using a dark brown wooden one. Some people prefer carpets and others don’t, but make sure it still goes along with the other colors. In bedrooms, people like to get a set so all the wood, or other material goes with the rest of the room. Personally, in my bedroom, there is still some contrast because the floor is a dark brown hardwood floor while the furniture is a white shade. Marble and tile floors are very common also when designing your home. Different tiles can also be used for the bathrooms. Keep it clean and simple, and don’t make it too cluttered because it will look like too much. Clutter is unappealing and it doesn’t let others who visit your home to really appreciate the details.


Other Things to Consider


When buying a house, you also have to consider that houses come with problems sometimes and it’s normal. There may be leaks, termites, problems with air conditioning, bugs, and etc. Keep a phonebook with trustworthy people you can call in case you need to fix any of these issues. Many houses experience this, depending on how old they are and other factors, but just stay calm. It’s normal and it’s fixable. Some parts of the house may be hotter than others because they face the sun. Just make sure to keep the house as clean as possible and you can avoid some potential problems. Become friendly with your neighbors so you can make them feel comfortable in case they need anything and vice versa. It’s always good to maintaIn a good relationship with your neighbors in case you ever go out of town, leave during a hurricane, or for any other reason. Sometimes, in case they know of something going on in the neighborhood, it’s good to let eachother know as well. If you have a dog, always walk them outside in a lease because you never know if he or she could take off running or hurt another animal. Also, keep your backyard and your pool clean if you have one! Remember to water the plants. Sprinklers may be installed if necessary.

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