Appearance Tips for Professional Real Estate Agents

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Appearances can be a bit more important than most people would think in the real estate business, and it may seem rude but a lot of clients will judge realtors by their appearance just as much as their own built up reputation, communication skills and knowledge. Always remember that first impressions matter in real estate.

This article is going to help aim you in the right direction when it comes to having a professional appearance while on the job, and it’s not like we’re going to be telling you to get laser lipo and skin tightening so you can be a better realtor. No, although that would be an extreme level to what we’re going to help you out with, but it goes to show that there are some small changes that every realtor can make that can help them appear more professional and ultimately land more closings.

An Agent’s Attire

We all know that appearance is very important for realtors, and that’s predominately because a lot of clients are going to hire their realtor based on certain gut feelings and even appearances. A lot of times it’s best to keep it simple and still very professional, and remember that jewelry can be a little distracting.

Current fashion trends are also something that realtors should be aware of, simply because it will help distinguish you as someone who is in the know about a lot of things, and not just the local housing market. But of course you should always look like the real you and be true to yourself and sense of fashion. You can find your own blend of trends and personality to find the ultimate work outfits that scream out I’m your guy.

Other professional appearances

This may seem a little cliché, but driving a popular car that is desirable also sends a very strong message to potential clients that you have money and you are a prominent real estate agent. Also, it’s important to know that you may be driving around in your car with clients, and so having a nice car can go a long way during those moments. Buyers want to feel like buying, and when they see a nice car they like from their realtor you’re going to set the mood well.

Blending in

You’re not going to always need to be in the most chic outfits and most trendy ensembles every day, and it’s important to blend in with the part of the country that you’re living in. If you’re in a resort community you may be able to pull off a more casual look, and hot summer weather can allow you to be more casual with dresses and other types of looser clothing.

The young agent’s dilemma

A lot of younger agents have experienced certain types of discrimination for looking too young, and that can lead to all sorts of problems because buyers and potential clients may start questioning this said young agent’s experience. One way to overcome this type of dilemma is to start wearing nice clothing like suits and ties when you are out with your clients, and this way you may halter the experience questions and actually get genuine questions about real estate.

There’s no doubt about it that when it comes to professional appearance tips for realtors it will always depend on the certain situation the agent finds themselves in. Some other tips include keeping your office organized and clean, maintaining a stylish haircut and blending into your client’s tastes so they can relate to you. In the long run a professional appearance is going to lead to success!

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