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Renovating Your New Home Without Destroying Your Finances

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 10 October 2018 15:43

Whether you are planning to completely redo your new home or just make a few cosmetic changes, upgrading a home is always a tricky project. In addition to sorting out your budget, finding the right contractors, and deciding on your construction materials, you also have to schedule the perfect time. Trying to renovate during certain seasons or months can make your remodeling project way more inconvenient. The right time of year for big remodeling projects will depend on what type of renovation goals you have.


Find the Cheapest Time to Get Supplies

In general, the best time to buy construction materials is right when no one needs them. If possible, try to buy your paint, lumber, cement, and other materials during the middle of winter. Most people do not do remodeling then because they want their home available for guests, and the decreased demand means that costs typically go down. This is only advisable if you have somewhere to store the supplies, but it can help to cut down on overall costs.


Select a Time When Your Contractor is Free

People who want their contractor to put a lot of time and effort into their project should wait until the contractor has a little more free time. Most good contractors are very busy in spring, and if you start your remodel then, there is a chance that your work could be a little rushed. If you want your contractor to really focus on your job, avoid late spring when everyone is getting tax refunds and mid-autumn when everyone is getting ready for the holidays.


Choose a Remodeling Schedule Convenient for Your Family

The reason that contractors tend to be busier and supplies tend to be pricier during summer and fall is that these times of the year are the most convenient options for people. If you get your remodeling done during fall, your home will be ready to impress your guests by the holidays. Those who have kids often time a remodel with a summer vacation, so everyone can be out of the workers way during summer.


Learn the Preferred Time for Inside Work

The ideal time for inside work will be when it is too hot or cold to do outdoor renovations because you can easily find someone to help out with your kitchen upgrade or bathroom remodel. Though you can get better deals during the middle of winter and summer, it is still possible to remodel indoors during spring and autumn without any issues.


Technically, indoor remodels can be done at any time of the year. However, many people prefer to schedule this sort of work for calmer times of the year like winter. If you plan on being in the house while the work goes on, it is best to select a time where you will not have a lot of guests over or have several children home from school.


Discover the Best Time for Outdoor Work

When planning outside remodeling, the main thing to take into account is temperature. Working outside in excessively high or low temperatures can be challenging. Spring is one of the most popular times to renovate outside because the weather is great and you can get outdoor spaces spruced up for summer. However, it might be wise to wait until summer for roofing projects because some materials need high temperatures to set. The ground is often too firm for digging projects in the middle of winter, but it thaws by early spring.


Outdoor work is also affected by levels of moisture. Be sure to take your local climate into account to find the best time to remodel outside without excessive rain. For example, quality pool builders in Dallas tend to avoid working in the summer months when heavy rains might make it almost impossible to build a pool, while cement workers in Washington find it easier to work in late autumn. If you renovate during the wrong season for the renovations you plan on doing, you will end up spending much more than you had anticipated. Make sure you check into the weather conditions before starting any outdoor or partially outdoor renovations.


Going through the very details of your renovation plans can help you figure out exactly where you can save money. Renovations do not have to be expensive.

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