Depths of all sports lakes in West Bloomfield Michigan

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If you have been wondering what the depths of the biggest all sports lakes in W Bloomfield are? Many lake home buyers are worried about the depth of a lake.  Many Oakland County lakes are shallow.  I would say the majority of lakes in Oakland County are only 10 to 12 feet deep on the average.  Many local lakes are either man made or have been dammed up.  There might have been multiple small lakes or ponds and the stream or river was dammed up to make a large lake.   Like I said many people are worried about it, but you really do not use anything but the top 8 to 12 feet of a lake unless you are a diver.  You do not need more than 8 or 10 feet in depth when you fall water skiing or wake boarding.  You are not gong to be doing cliff diving from any of our local lakes so you don't need a deep lake.  The major difference is that a deep lake is going to be cooler.  A shallow lake will warm up and be warmer than a deep glacial lake. 

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The depth of a lake does not influence the prices of lakefront homes in West Bloomfield.  Whether a lake is deep or shallow does not matter.  Bigger all sports lakes demand higher home prices than small lakes.  Being an all sports lakes versus an non all sports lakes does influence prices.  Being in West Bloomfield usually means the lake home prices are going to be higher because of the low crime, good schools, and the prestige of West Bloomfield. 

Here is a list of the six biggest all sports lakes  with their depths in the West Bloomfield.

Lake Name                          Depth             Size (acres)                 All Sport     Private      Public 

  •  Cass Lake                            110'                  1280                           Yes             No           Yes        
  •   Middle Straits Lake               51'                    171                           Yes             No           Yes          
  •   Pine Lake                             90'                     395                           Yes             Yes          No      
  •   Union Lake                         110'                     465                           Yes             No          Yes         
  •  Upper Straits Lake                96'                     323                           Yes             Yes         No          
  •  Walnut Lake                        101'                     232                           Yes             Yes         No           

Many of West Bloomfield all sports lakes are glacial lakes.  They were formed thousands of years ago during the ice age.  They usually have at least one deep hole.  Non glacial lakes usually do not have deep holes over 80' deep.  These lakes are big in size and in depth .  They are large enough that you can do any type of water sports on them.  Whether you have jet skis, or a nice wakeboard boat all of these 6 all sports lakes in W Bloomfield are fun to be on.  The two public lakes tend to be the busiest lakes because they have boaters from off the lake.  Walnut Lake is probably the quietest lake in terms of boat traffic.  Not only is it a private lake, but there are fewer homes on the lake.  There are some larger estates on the lake.  So the homes are not jammed in all around the lake.  Union Lake probably has the highest concentration of homes (more smaller 35'-50' lots), but it is still large enough that you can enjoy all the water activities.

Fishing is good on Middle Straits Lake

The lakes are large enough that you have plenty of room to turn around with tubers or water skiers behind you.  If you are a pontoon person the size of the lakes make it large enough to not be at home in 10 minutes after a leisurely ride around the lake. If you could find a vacant lake lots on any of these West Bloomfield all sports lakes they are very valuable and high priced.  Sometimes the lots that are left are unbuildable or cannot support a decent size house due to the set back, line of sight, and foot print regulations.  Many times buyers just buy and existing home and tear the house down to build what they want.

Upper Straits LakeI would call every one of these lakes "prestigious, and upper end".  The lake homes on these lakes tend to fetch higher price per square foot than comparable lake homes in other communities.  Middle Straits Lake is probably the most reasonably priced lake of the 6 lakes.  There are fewer and fewer small lake cottages on any of these lakes.  To even buy one of these many times will cost you $400,000 or more.  Simply because the land is so valuable.

Cass Lake is Oakland Counties' largest lake at 1280 acres.  By standards of other large Michigan lakes up north Cass Lake is small.  In fact it does not even make the top 20 largest lakes in Michigan.  However the lure of being able to live close to where you work and being able to enjoy the lake at the end of the day makes Oakland County lakes and Cass Lake highly desirable.  Cass Lake does have a sand bar where many people gather to hang out and have fun.  It also has a state park and a marina on the lake.  Cass Lake lies in Waterford, Keego Harbor, and West Bloomfield.

Union Lake is West Bloomfield's 2nd largest all sports lake at a 465-acres.  It is a public lake located to the east of Union Lake Rd on the Northwestern edge of West Bloomfield just a few miles from M-5.  It is a glacial formed lake.  The deepest spot on the lake is about 110 feet.  There is a restaurant on the lake called, “Matter of Taste” which is more fine dining than a beach bar/pizza joint.   There is also a sandbar in the center of the lake that residents gather at to enjoy their lake neighbors companies, have a few cold drinks, and watch the sunsets.  A portion of the lake lies in Commerce Township.
Pine Lake is a 395-acre private lake that lies to the east of Orchard Lake Rd. The maximum depth of the lake is about 90 feet. There is a marina on the lake, and a ski/wake board school, so that does draw one more boat that teaches people how to wake board, surf, and ski.  Like most of West Bloomfield lake this is highly desirable upper end lake.  On the north side of the lake some of the homes on the lake lie across Pine Lake Rd with only a small grassy area between the road and the lake.  The Pine Lake Country Club is also located on the lake.  The Country Club is not open to the public.  It has a pools, a beautiful clubhouse, outdoor tennis courts, beach, indoor tennis house, and a golf course for it's members.
Are you ready to go surfing?

Upper Straits Lake is a 232-acre private lake.  It is a private lake with no public access.  What I mean by that is there is no DNR launch.  However there are about 600 homes that have lake access.  There is even a small marina for one of the subdivisions.  The max depth of  the lake is 96 feet.  Upper Straits Lake is a long lake.  There are about 210 homes on the lake and almost 600 lake access homes.  The majority of Upper Straits Lake lies in West Bloomfield, but a portion of it falls in Orchard Lake Village.

Walnut Lake is a private lake measuring 232 acres, with maximum depth of 101 feet. There are larger lots on this lake, and the shoreline is lined with exclusive, high-end homes.  Several lake associations are available for the lake access homes.
Middle Straits Lake is about 171 acres in size and with a maximum depth of 51 feet. This lake is semi-private, meaning there is a city ramp and small parking lot for visitors, but the beach areas are private to the waterfront homeowners only.  There are a couple of subdivision parks that have beaches and boat docking.
This should give you a basic understanding of what the all sports lakes in West Bloomfield are like.  They are all nice lakes.  If you ask any of the residents on any of the lakes they most likely will tell you their lake is the best.  If you are looking for a lakefront home on an all sports lake in West Bloomfield give me a call.
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