How to clean and unclog drains

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We all know that it is very important that the basins of the kitchen and the sink are clean. As they are objects of the house that are used a lot every day, they usually get dirty pretty quickly. With the amount of pots, pans, glasses and cutlery that are washed in the kitchen sink, and the number of times that the family members use the bathroom sink to wash their hands, shave and brush their teeth, It is rare that, from time to time, the pipe is covered. A clogged drain can cause the water to overflow, as well as generating unpleasant odors. But do not worry, uncovering it does not have to be difficult. In fact, it can be quite simple. If you want reliable service for cleaning your house drain, you can get it from plumbers erie pa.

How to clean drains

There is a wide range of products so that uncovering the drain is a quick and effortless process:

Cleaning of drains with commercial products

Many products were specifically designed for this task. By dumping them over the drain, they dissolve the grease and the accumulations that covered the pipe. In addition, they contain special ingredients that eliminate the germs responsible for that unpleasant odor. Once the pipe cutter has done its job, you will notice that the water accumulated in the sink drains away and that the bad smell begins to disappear.

It is very important that you follow the instructions for the use of strong cleaning products, not only for your health and safety, but also because the different types of clogged drains may require different solutions. It is not the same, for example, a fully covered kitchen drains that a bathtub in which the water drains very slowly.

Cleaning of drains with natural products

For environmental or safety reasons, many prefer to try to unclog the pipes with natural ingredients. The following method is very effective:

---> With the sink dry, pour at least one cup of baking soda into the covered drain, making sure the powder enters the spout.

---> Then, pour two cups of boiling water and wait a few minutes.

---> Add one or more cups of baking soda and immediately add a cup of white vinegar.

---> Put a plug in the drain. You will see bubbles and a bubbling sound coming out of the drain. Do not be scared, it's a good sign!

---> When the bubbles disappear, add two more cups of boiling water.

Try it; you will see that it is an excellent way to clean the drain. Do it once a month to prevent those undesirable covered pipes.

How to eliminate bad smells

Bad odors are a classic sign of a clogged pipe. In most cases, the drain is plugged when some large debris gets stuck in the grate or begins to clog the drain pipe. These residues rot and give rise to the growth of bacteria, which produces that unpleasant odor.

Cleaning the kitchen and bathroom sinks often helps you avoid undesirable waste in the drain. Using a homemade natural cleaner every week, such as a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, is a good habit because it keeps away grease, dirt and odors.

Good waste disposal practices also help reduce odors at home and the possibility of re-covering the pipes:

---> In the kitchen, throw the used oil and the remains of paper in a trash basket, not in the drain.

---> In the bathroom, place a grate in the drain to prevent it from being covered with hair and other elements.

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