How To Increase The Value Of Your Home Before Selling

Written by Posted On Saturday, 13 October 2018 10:17

Homeowners wishing to sell their homes look about for advice and tips on how to sell their homes. They run into the phrase “increase home value” without knowing quite what that means. The home has value to the homeowner, or he wouldn't have bought it. The value it holds for the homeowner won't appeal to buyers, though.

A buyer looks for different things. The home that has what the buyer wants gets sold. It really is that simple. Homeowners need to look at the homes that sold to see what they had that you don't. Then put those things in your home. We've compiled a list of things that buyers are looking for that will help you increase the value in your home.


It's no secret that kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. While trends change each year, some things remain constant. Buyers want quartz or granite countertops. They want stainless steel appliances, wood cabinets, and natural texture tile floors.

Before you rush out to buy new appliances, you should know that what buyers want most of all is an open floor plan. If this means knocking out a wall, then knock it out. If there are enough cabinets for storage space, then knock out the island, too. Whatever gives you more space will sell your house. Homeowners should also know that kitchen renovations give homeowners an 81 percent return on investment at closing.


Living Room

In the living areas, lighting is king. Kitchens and bathrooms need more task lighting, but living areas need more ambient light. Perhaps a wonderful painting or sculpture needs focus lighting, so track lighting will work in addition to ambient lights. Living areas tend to have the most windows in a room, making natural lighting a focus of the room.

Whatever you do, make sure the windows and doors are the tightest they can be. If there are drafts around them, replace them. Buyers can feel drafty windows and doors before they pull in the driveway. Energy efficiency is one of the biggest watchwords for buyers, so make sure they have it. The return on investment is 80 percent at closing.

Trending now is a gas log fireplace. There are many manufacturers, so homeowners have a wide field from which to choose. Buyers love fireplaces, but they love more the cozy, romantic feel of a fireplace with gas logs. The good news is they aren't too expensive.



What can be done with a small, utilitarian box? Replacing door knobs and hardware is the first step. Homeowners could even replace the toilet seat, and buyers would be thrilled. It isn't too expensive to replace the old tub/shower combo with a claw-foot tub or a tub with jets. Carving out a space for a glass shower wouldn't be too expensive, considering the plumbing is already in place.

Bathroom lighting is important. Missing an area when shaving will make you feel bad right when you should be at your most confident giving your presentation at work. Ladies need good light so their makeup looks good instead of applied too thickly. Homeowners are opting for small chandeliers, mirror lighting resembling Hollywood dressing rooms, and focus lighting over the shower and tub.

Make sure there are enough bathrooms for the bedrooms in the house. A four bedroom house with only two baths, one of which is the master, won't appeal to buyers. Adding a bathroom costs, yes, but it will sell the house a lot faster.


Other than upgraded kitchens and baths, buyers most want automation. If homeowners have smart thermostats, automatic lights, smart HVAC controls, and connectivity to the Internet of Things or IoT, then their house stands a better chance of selling. Installing one at a time, these things aren't too expensive, and make a house both run better and look attractive to buyers.

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