Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid This Fall

Written by Posted On Thursday, 25 October 2018 15:49

Fall is a time of year that many reasons can be found to enjoy the beauty of being outdoors. Some people find pleasure in the moderate temperatures of fall after enduring the long, hot months of summer. Others may fall in love with watching daily as the leaves turn colors and eventually fall from the trees.


Fall is also the time of year that is perfect to perform a variety of needed landscaping duties. However, this can be a tricky time to perform this work. The following is six mistakes that should be avoided when performing landscaping in the fall.


Don't Neglect Hardscape Areas

The two categories that most experienced landscapers divide landscaping duties into are: Hard and soft. Soft landscaping, for the most part, refers to the elements of yards and other areas that are alive. The act of hardscaping is in reference to driveways, mulch, rocks, and any paved areas around the home.


Fall is the perfect time to power wash driveways and other concrete surfaces in a yard or around a house.


Rake Falling Leaves

The beauty of the leaves that cover the ground in the Fall season does not mean that the ground should not be raked. Individuals in neighborhoods that possess an assortment of mature trees may sometimes find it difficult to disconnect from the nostalgia caused by the falling leaves. Unfortunately, these leaves can become dangerous if surface areas are not properly landscaped.


The excess leaves can cause problems by obscuring the view of paved areas that are in disrepair. These areas may need to be navigated with caution when walking over them. Leaves can also become slippery whenever wet under the feet of pedestrians.


Raking leaves at least once a week throughout the Fall season should be enough to protect from accidents caused by falling leaves.


Pool Maintenance

Many homeowners with pools make the mistake of believing that the end of summer signals the end of pool maintenance responsibilities. This is not the case. Experts from custom pools San Diego explain that even in the fall and winter month the proper chemical levels must be maintained in pools. The pool must also regularly be cleared of bugs, leaves, and fallen debris.



The fact a lawn does not grow in the fall as fast as it does in summer months does not mean that normal upkeep of the lawn is not necessary. Lawns must still be cut and fertilized in the fall months. In fact, fertilizing a lawn during the fall is a major step at preventing damage to the lawn that is sometimes caused by the cold of the winter.



The fall of the year is the perfect time to decide which flowers the homeowner would like to see growing on his or her property in the upcoming spring. Homeowners should consult with a local nursery to gain a knowledge of what fall plantings they should execute before the grown is hardened by the chill of winter.


Ground Cover

The end of the summer does not necessarily mean the outside of your home has to lack color until spring. Homeowners can use rubber mulch and colored wood to jazz things up a bit when their yards have insufficient color from vegetation. Additionally, plants like cotoneaster and cranberry are perfect for adding color to your lawn in the summer months.



Homeowners should not use the end of the summer months as a reason to neglect their lawns. A lawn that is completely neglected until spring, will suffer irreparable damage. Fall can be the perfect time to prep a lawn to endure the winter months. Furthermore, a well cared for lawn in the fall is more likely to be vibrant and fertile in the spring.


Homeowners should assure that their lawns do not suffer from the six fall landscaping mistakes mentioned above.

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