5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Sell Your House Fast

Written by Posted On Monday, 29 October 2018 03:59
Real Estate Marketing Ideas Real Estate Marketing Ideas

5 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Sell Your House Fast

After a month or so of repair and renovation, your house looks brand new once again. You’re absolutely ready to sell your house! But what do you do next?

It’s time for some real estate marketing. If you want to sell your home quickly, you need some fresh, creative ideas to attract potential homebuyers. Here are some great real estate marketing ideas that are proven to work!

Take it online

One of the very first things you should consider doing is advertising online. According to the NAR Report, 90% of people utilize the internet when buying a home! Check your online marketing options. The same study suggests that homebuyers use specific online tools during different phases of the home search process, including Google search, YouTube, and online listings. If you could set up your advertisement through a popular online app, much better. People use their smartphones more than ever when trying to find things to buy, even a home.

Don’t forget to post your ad on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. You can maximize your real estate marketing through these websites. Again, you will need stunning photos for your property, along with some really nice caption. Additionally, consider video marketing. Most people appreciate video streams than photos. Making videos is a great way to increase your online visibility and reach out to so many homebuyers.

Host an "Open House"

While most people can readily view your property online, nothing beats the experience of actually being there and getting a ‘feel’ of the house. Consider conducting local neighborhood tours. This increases your chances of getting your home sold quickly and at a greater price! So how do you pull up a successful open house? First, make a good first impression. You want everything to be beautiful and presentable, from the landscaping to the exterior paint and of course, the home interiors. Your home should be really clean. Remove personal clutter and stage your home. Offering some goodies or snacks like cupcakes and sweets is a plus too!

If you have clients who can’t be present during your open house, you can still give them a ‘personal’ and engaging experience through virtual reality. VR is the latest form of real estate marketing. It makes it possible for people to view multiple properties without leaving their homes. Through this technology, you can make guided visits that capture 360-degree videos of your property. You can also host interactive visits where potential homebuyers can ‘move’ within a property by clicking on special hotspots. Lastly, you can do virtual staging – place virtual furniture and furnishings without having to buy or rent a real one!

Use air dancers

Instead of the traditional ‘For Sale’ or ‘Open House” signs, why not use air dancers? Inflatables are a great way to attract people’s attention, whether they are driving or walking past your property. Having a gigantic sky dancer with a big grinning face in front of your open house is a surefire way to catch people’s attention, with no possibility of missing it being “open”.

Get really nice photos

People searching online will heavily rely on the photos you uploaded. If you’re not too confident with your camera skills, then hire a professional photographer. The investment is worth it! Get a beautiful shot of your home interior. Remove vehicles and other things that could obstruct the view. Crop out sidewalks and streets. Do the photo shoot in a beautiful daylight. If you have a beautiful yard, showcase it in your photos. Most people prefer buying a home with a spacious, well-manicured lawn. And lastly, take photos of every room inside, focusing on interesting details.

Add a unique vibe in your property

Make their visit to your home memorable by placing an item that will really capture their attention. Apart from the inflatable dancer outside, have one really quirky item in your house. It could be anything – like an authentic Michael Jackson Memorabilia, a beautiful wall painting, or an antique chest cabinet.

Selling your home at the price you want is possible. With these creative real estate marketing ideas, you are surely going find a serious, willing homebuyer in no time!

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