Landscaping, key to making the most of our garden

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Does your patio or garden look boring? Would you like to give it some life and be able to use it more often? Your garden can become a functional space in which you can spend pleasant moments with your family or receive friends. But to transform it into a modern site, you should follow some landscaping tips provided by Landscaping service in Allen TX that will make you look dreamed.

The main task of a good landscaper is to understand and synthesize everything that your clients expect to find in your garden and transfer it to a personalized and exclusive garden design. In our projects the functional leads to the aesthetic, to crystallize in a project that takes into account all the needs throughout the year, but also the need for beauty, balance, and timelessness of the garden.

The urban landscape must flee from monothematic schemes and must seek the generation of environments, differentiated atmospheres, which allow moving who sees it to different states and give different perspectives within the same functional place.

And this work is much, more if it is about small spaces. The reality of today's cities, in which outdoor spaces are increasingly valued and sought after, has placed this discipline in value because each space previously ignored, can become the heart of housing. No matter how large or small our garden, porch or terrace; a landscape professional will always be able to collect the necessary information, evaluate the different possibilities, plan a customized project and execute the necessary actions to, sure, leave us open-mouthed after seeing the result.

A functional landscaping

The great challenge of designing urban gardens is the use 365 days a year. It is necessary to take into account two equally important dimensions: on the one hand the view it brings to the house, its relationship with it, on the other its preparation for the physical use of the garden, for life abroad.

Sometimes, we end up not enjoying that garden or terrace, either because we have not taken into account the maintenance, the needs for paving, shading, privacy or lighting our garden or terrace, or because we have not objectively assessed for what main purposes we want to assign the use of them.

Urban landscaping conceives the garden as part of the overall design of the house, in relation to the interiors, improving the views and the sensation of space in the months when it cannot be used physically, but in which it helps to destroy the effect black wall of the glazing. With correct lighting, we incorporate the square meters from the outside to the inside, although it is midwinter and the windows are closed for weeks.

Valuing and analyzing the functionality of our outdoor leisure and enjoyment spaces together with the client is of imperative importance when it comes to making the most of them.

In a Garden, we know that beauty and functionality were never at odds, it is a matter of dedicating attention and know-how to take advantage of the many possibilities offered by our little corners of the house.

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