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Want to sell your house? Try these tricks to sell it quickly.

Written by Posted On Thursday, 08 November 2018 02:26
Sell your house Sell your house

When you decide to sell your house, there can be many reasons for it. Maybe you are willing to buy a new house somewhere else or just want some money from your old building. Here all you want is not to wait for so long to get an offer for the deal. You want to sell your property quickly and you just hope it doesn’t take more than a month to get an offer.

Nowadays, it is very important to stage your house before listing them and a study shows that more than 90-95 percent of the houses which were staged before listing were sold in less than a month time period.

It is completely alright if your budget is tight, you still have great chances of selling your house in less than a month.

Here are some keys points you need to keep in mind.

1. Keep it clean!

Making space is not as hard as you might think, but at the same time, it is the key to creating a pleasing environment. You need to pay special attention to particular areas in your house where anyone can see common junk. For example, areas like - Kitchen and bathroom counters, fireplace mantels and Laundry room shelves, etc.

Keeping it clean is incomplete without keeping your closets clean. An untidy closet will not create a good impression for sure. Also, you have to amaze your buyer by showing them how much space you have for all the stuff and not how much stuff you have already for all the space left.

2. Is your furniture in the place?

While you are done with making space for everything in your house, just have a look at the furniture in your house. See if it is sufficient for the guests to sit and relax for a while. Is the arrangement of your furniture good enough for a buyer to roam around freely without bumping into any random things? If it is not so, then you need to get work right now.

Most of the times, the living room is arranged in such a way so that children can play in the middle of the room or they are comfortable in watching the television easily from all the chairs and sofa sets. The buyer will look forward to a spacious yet intimate area in the house and not something which too much messy, close or too much cozy.

3. What about the buyer’s perspective?

It is a good idea to clean your house before you show it to a buyer; it goes without saying, right? Many sellers do not give much importance to this point. This is where they do everything wrong!

See, you don’t have to look at it as an exhausting cleaning process but as an excellent opportunity to impress your buyer a bit more. You don’t have to go hard on this cleaning process but at the same time, you have to make sure that whatever the buyer looks at in your house, it should look neat and clean; every bit of it should look clean. From ceiling fans and window blinds to baseboards and tile grout, no surface should look muddled. In addition, your house should have enough light coming from the windows, so make sure the windows in your house are also clean.

4. It is so good if it feels like home

If your house feels like home, the buyer is more likely to find your place more friendly and comfortable then anywhere else. Load your house with some good fragrance, the buyer must like the atmosphere, the ambiance of the place as they enter. The atmosphere in your place should smell good, this will be a positive point for you. Your living area should have a nice flower pot with some fresh flowers adding to the pleasant aura of your place. Make sure that flowers are not the only limelight of the house. Even terrace gardens impress a lot of buyers and these terrace gardens are getting more popular these days too.

5. Invest a little more of your cash in selling your house quickly

If your budget is a little bit more then it is truly fantastic because you can spend it on selling your house quickly. Use this extra money in decorating your house beautifully, paint the front yard of your house, make it look attractive.

You know already that every house property is different in its own way. So before you spend this extra money recklessly, just ask a reliable agent for his advice. An experienced agent knows what buyers in your area want from you and your house. Therefore, they can help you maximize your home’s appeal without busting your budget.

What to avoid?

Here is the thing, don’t ever think as the owner of the house. Think like businessperson or a home seller, just as simple as that! Always try to distance yourself from all the emotional aspect and look into this transaction as a financial perspective and nothing else. Maybe just for a while, but you have to forget and disconnect yourself from the numerous memories that you have undoubtedly made in the house.

At the same time if you will keep in mind that you’re selling not just a piece of a property but also a beautiful dream and a luxury lifestyle, then you will put in some extra efforts of staging and selling the house.


Each and every house is different and beautiful, all you need is perfect planning and proper step by step process to sell your house. As the owner of the house, only you can decide the best strategy to sell your house. However, if you put all the above points in action then I can assure you that you will be able to sell your house much more quickly then you think.

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