Choosing a Neighborhood to Compliment Your Home

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As many people are aware, location is key when choosing any form of real estate in Destin, Florida. The home's location is the one thing that the buyer can't change. This is why each homeowner should take the time to think about which neighborhoods they like best before they begin any home search. The right neighborhood will offer safety, wonderful amenities and the ability to create not only a home but a life at the same time. This is why it is essential to scout out neighborhoods and narrow down the searcher's choice. Many people have a vague idea of the kind of location they might like best. Getting accurate information and data about each possible area can help them narrow down all potential choices even further and more efficiently.

The Kinds of Construction

One factor that will influence your choice of neighborhood may include the availability of new homes. Details such as front doors with glass are very appealing to many potential buyers. Buyers may also want to look at other forms of housing. An area that has apartments, townhouses and an existing stock of home offers lots of potential choices that makes it easy for any homeowner to find one they like best. New construction and older construction is an illustration of a neighborhood that is on the rise and likely to continue to remain popular.

The Schools

Even if the buyer doesn't have children right now, they may want to have kids at some point in the future. Schools are a key factor in the desirability of any area. School districts with high standardized test scores, schools with a low parent to teacher ratio and high high school graduation rate will tend to sell at a premium. The same is true of schools that are perceived as offering special services such as a sports team with history of wins or other extracurricular activities that considered noteworthy. Finding accurate data on the local schools can help people make sure they have a school district that makes them feel comfortable buying a home in that area. The high possible schools in this area include; Fort Walton Beach High School, Niceville High School, Rocky Bayou Christian School, Destin School of Music and Dance, and finally, the Collegiate High School.

The Commute

Another important factor that many people keep in mind as they look for the right neighborhood is the distance to regional economic centers where jobs are typically found. While some people may want to start a business of their own, others will commute to work. In order to do so, they may take public transit or commute by car. This is why it important to think about transport networks such as airports, local roads and national highway access. Each person should understand what options exist in the area and how they can use them. For example, it helps to know which bus routes stop near the home and how long it might take to get to the nearest bus stop on foot.

In Person

While looking at data can be highly revealing and useful, few things beat walking the area in person. Visiting a neighborhood on foot is ideal. This is why each person should take the time to see what it looks like from every angle. Walk the streets at varied times of the day. An early morning visit can help make it clear which particular streets may have issues with traffic. Visiting later in the day can also help make it clear how much time people spend gathering outside. When people are spending a lot of time outdoors, this can be an indication that the neighborhood has lots of thriving business. It can also indicate the area is safe and welcoming for all kinds of people.


A neighborhood is a great many things. Few things are more pleasurable than a house in a lovely area with terrific neighbors, excellent schools and an easy commute. Careful examination of all available area options can help the homeowner find exactly which one they personally like the best. Destin, Florida might just be the perfect place for you and your family.

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