Focus on Your Kitchen Appliances Before Selling Your Home

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When your home is listed on the market, it directly competes with other similar homes in the surrounding area. You understandably may be making numerous repairs and updates to your home to ensure that it is a standout option in a crowded marketplace. In addition to focusing your attention on things like repainting the walls and updating light fixtures, it may be helpful to review the age, condition and style of your kitchen appliances.


Why Your Kitchen Appliances Matter


Commonly, all major appliances except for the refrigerator convey to the buyer. In some instances, the refrigerator may also be included with the sale. The kitchen is a major selling point to buyers. As the heart of the home, it sets the ambiance for the rest of the home. When features are outdated, the entire home may feel outdated as well. More than that, many buyers understand how expensive it can be to renovate a kitchen. A common buyer preference is to buy a home with an updated kitchen, and this includes the appliances. Even when the countertops, cabinets and backsplash have been updated, older kitchen appliances can cast a shadow on the kitchen’s décor and on the home’s overall appeal. You may consider offering an appliance allowance to buyers as an alternative to replacing the appliances yourself. While this may be an effective strategy in some cases, some buyers may prefer to purchase a home that is completely updated with no work required.


When to Repair Versus Replace Appliances


Today’s buyers commonly order a property inspection to identify areas of damage or concern in the home before they take ownership of it. A typical home inspection includes a review of the kitchen appliances. This may include ensuring that the dishwasher operates well, that the range and oven work properly and more. Any known damage or issues with kitchen appliances should be repaired before listing the home unless you intend to replace the appliances. Rather than sinking money into repairs for older appliances, it may be more cost-effective to update your kitchen appliances. Keep in mind that buyers may be more willing to offer top dollar for your home if it appears to be in excellent condition.


How to Choose New Kitchen Appliances


If you have decided to upgrade your kitchen appliances, you understandably want to choose appliances that will be selling points to potential buyers. They should all have a similar color or finish. If you do not plan to replace all appliances at the same time, pay attention to the color and style. You also may want to enjoy the most significant return on investment, so look for new kitchen appliances that you would want to own. Many people will not take time to review actual features that the appliances have before making an offer on your home. They will pay attention to the size and style. For example, a buyer may not specifically request information about how quiet the dishwasher is or about the energy efficiency of the refrigerator. With this in mind, it may not be cost-effective to purchase high-end appliances unless you are selling a luxury home. In addition, look for appliance insurance or a warranty. When appliances are new, it may be a selling point that they are still under a manufacturer’s warranty.


If you are preparing to sell your home, it makes sense to make repairs and upgrades that will make your property as appealing as possible. However, you also need to complete projects with your return on investment in mind. Analyze the age and overall appeal of your appliances, and focus on the impact that they have on your home. Consider requesting an honest opinion from a friend or your real estate agent if you are unsure. If you decide to replace your kitchen appliances, you may also seek advice from your real estate agent with your selection of new appliances.

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