Best Smart Home Apps For Increased Security

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Do you want to upgrade your home into a modern and smart home? If you do, you're not alone. According to numerous studies, smart home technology industry is estimated to hit $107.4 billion by 2023.


Before upgrading a home, however, most people have many questions on how they will keep a smart home secure. Fortunately, a number of apps and gadgets are available today that will help you understand and upgrade the security of your smart home. By purchasing some of these gadgets and apps, you will be able to fix various aspects of your home and increase its security status.


Home automation technology has advanced greatly to incorporate systems that give you control of your home from wherever you are. For instance, you can connect a smart device to your home to enable you to control various features of your home remotely from the smart device. The process has been made simpler by the smart home apps that have been designed to be compatible with various phones and other smart devices.


Being a limitless technology sector, home automation has gained popularity with more home smart apps and technology being innovated for installation in our homes. If you have been thinking about automating your home, then you have come to the right place. Here, we review some of the best smart home apps that will allow you to tighten the security of your home.


Best Smart Home Apps


If you want to take total control of the security in your home, here are the best smart home apps you should know about.


1. myQ Smart Garage

Have you ever driven to work in the morning only for you to start wondering whether you really closed your garage door after arriving at work? A garage is one of the most important sections of your house and should always be secure because it stores some of the most expensive equipment of your home such as vehicles, lawnmowers, and other machines.


You can get rid of such doubts by upgrading your garage door to a smart one. With Chambain brilliant app, you will not only close your garage door remotely but also monitor the security status of your home right from the palm of your hand. You can also receive alerts concerning the activities that are happening at your home on your smart device. Moreover, it can be synchronized to other smart home appliances such as smart lights from different smart device brands.


2. Samsung SmartThings

Samsung is one of the leading innovators of a number of home devices such as TVs, fridges, and other common home appliances. In the smart home automation arena, the company has developed some of the most advanced smart technologies that seek to revolutionize the smart home industry.


Samsung SmartThings app, for instance, supersedes most smart home apps; it goes beyond controlling your security cameras and locks to controlling all your Samsung appliances in your home. Moreover, the app also supports other smart devices from numerous brands. Once you are connected to SmartThings App, you will receive alerts whenever unanticipated activities occur in your home.


3. Nest App

Nest has made its name in the smart home apps by innovatively designing apps that allow you to protect your home easily. This app provides you with the ability to see who is at your door and allows you to remotely allow the person in or lock him or her out.


With the app, you can watch over your home through security cameras in order to see what is going on in and outside your home. You will also receive alerts in case anything strange happens at your home. This includes issues such as smoke detection or your Nest alarm going off.


With Nest app, you also gain control of all your home's automated devices. You can operate them easily and remotely from your Nest smart devices using a single app.


4. Nuki Smart Lock

Nuki Company understands how important it is to have efficient locks and keys at your home. As a result, the firm created a smart app that can be used to lock and unlock the doors of your house remotely, which means that you do not need to carry a key whenever you are leaving the house.


With Nuki app, your smartphone instantly becomes the key that guarantees you access to your house remotely. Unlike other smart home apps, Nuki is a special home automation. It is different in the following number of ways:


  • It can lock all your home's automated locks automatically and remotely unlock them. This implies that will never need to touch the keys again.

  • It allows you to give your family members access to your home by creating an access code within the app and sharing it as a "spare key." With the access code, they can also access the house whenever they want to.

  • You will also receive real-time notifications whenever someone locks or unlocks your smart Nuki door.

  • It allows remote operation regardless of where you are across the world. With it, you can lock and unlock your home from your smart device.


Nuki Smart home app controls all Nuki smart locks and smart bridges attached to your present lock to attain auto functionality.



In a modern and innovative technological environment, many technology firms are presently experimenting with various smart home apps as well as smart home technology. In years to come, we expect to see more smart home apps that are more innovative and capable of delivering unique abilities.


If you have been thinking about automating your home and improving its security, you can start by buying one smart product and have the entire house automated if you like how it works. Synchronizing your smart app with other compatible smart devices will also enhance your smart home automation experience.

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