How to choose best mattress for home use

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We know, there are so many varieties of mattresses in the market that choosing just one is very difficult. And on top of that, hitting and choosing the first one where being comfortable and resting properly is almost impossible. That's why we want to help you choose the best mattress for you, not the store, not the one that's perfect for your running friend ... The best mattress for you. With these some questions, you will be closer to choosing the best king size mattress for your rest.

How to choose the best mattress?

It is recommended to change the mattress every 8-10 years. If your mattress is around this time, it may be time to start looking for a substitute. If it is the first time you buy a full bed, remember that the height of the mattress should be at least 10cm higher than yours. Otherwise, you will have your feet hanging while you sleep and it is not pleasant.

What size do you really need?

If you sleep alone, it is normal to opt for 90cm wide beds. But those who since we were small have slept in a 105cm wide bed, we do not change it for anything in the world. If the room has space, choose the 105.

If you sleep as a couple, the measure 150 or 160 wide is great. It is not perfect to be too close to each other in summer and increase the feeling of warmth.

If the size of the room allows it or if your children like to sleep with you a little on weekends, choose a width of 180 or 200! Sleeping in a bed this big is a luxury that very few can afford, but it is very rewarding.

What type of mattress do you need?

Springs: It is the most used mattress core. It results from the freshest cores since air can circulate better through the mattress. It is perfect for humid and hot areas, or for those who spend heat sleeping naked in winter.

Latex: Perfect for people who are looking for a very cozy mattress that adapts easily to the contours of the body and offers optimal support. Remember that in latex mattresses it is recommended to use foil bases.

Foam: Foam mattresses offer good support and relieve pressure. They are usually one of the cheapest options.

Hybrids: Hybrid mattresses mix springs, viscoelastic, foam ... With the combination of different materials in the core we get different mattresses.

Where can you buy the mattress?

On the Internet: From the comfort of your home you can compare offers, find different brands, contact the web to answer your questions ... The bad thing is that you cannot try the mattress before ordering it.

In store: In stores you will always find qualified personnel willing to answer your questions, guide you on the best mattress for you according to your needs ... The price in store is usually a little higher than on the Internet.

In factory: Very few brands offer the possibility of buying the mattress to the factory directly. The price is usually the same as in store. Sometimes the catalog where to choose the mattress is not broad.

What factors should you consider?

1. Support

Choose a mattress where you notice that your back is straight. Do not notice that you sink or raise your hips, or that the shoulders are stuck in the mattress when you sleep on your side. The ideal is that your back stays straight, you sleep in the position that you sleep.

2. Comfort

Make sure you are comfortable in any position, go 3 turns if necessary, move everything you need ... After all, when we sleep in bed, we move. That it does not look like a mummy has gone to try mattresses.

3. The sides

The sides of the mattress should always be of firmness similar to the center of the mattress. If the sides are firmer or softer than the rest of the mattress, a frame effect will be created on the mattress. This is undesirable.

After asking you these questions, surely you can choose the best mattress for your case. Remember that we are all different, so the mattress that is perfect for your friend or for 99.99% of users does not mean that it is the perfect mattress for your rest.

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