5 tricks to book an apartment on Airbnb

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Airbnb is the popular Internet service for booking apartments for your vacations anywhere in the world. If you did not know Airbnb the truth is that I recommend it and also, then I'll give you 5 tricks so you know how to book the best apartment and do not miss the Airbnb discount coupon at the end of the article.

Make the most of your Airbnb user profile

Airbnb is above all trustworthy. Trust between the host (the person who puts his apartment for rent) and the guest (you). So, it is essential that you work on your user profile: add photo, full name (and real), what you do, where you are from. Finally, fill in everything they ask for and with real data and you will have more possibilities to obtain the apartment you are looking for.

Search in advance

On Airbnb, there are apartments that really are very good, but they are always reserved. So, if you really want to get a good apartment on Airbnb, look for weeks or months in advance. Of course, also look at the conditions of cancellation of the apartments, let you end up losing money.

Search only apartments with many reviews

So far, we have taken steps to create a profile, verify it, look for an apartment ... but on the other side, we have the hosts. Not all hosts have to be legit, so when you look for an apartment there are two golden rules:

The host must have his account verified

The apartment must have favorable reviews from other guests

Do not trust apartments on Airbnb without reviews or from hosts with strange profiles.

If the reservation is direct, use the book button, but ask the host first

Once you have found an apartment that interests you, you have two options: whether the reservation is direct or not.

If the reservation is direct, it means that once you click on the book button, it will ask for confirmation and the apartment will be yours. From that moment on, if you back down, you will have to face cancellation conditions.

If the reservation is NOT direct, it means that the host reviews the requests and has to confirm it. Normally he will ask you a question or he will confirm it without further ado.

Never trust 100% of the photos of the Airbnb apartments

The real differentiator of Airbnb is not the service, nor be available in almost any country in the world, nor prices, nor the search engine. The differentiating element of Airbnb is the photos of their apartments.

In fact, they offer a professional service by which they send you a photographer to your apartment and you take the pictures (I think for free). These photos are those that appear on the web as verified.

Well, if the photos are verified, you know that the apartment is MORE OR LESS like in the photos, but not equal to 100%. The photographers who work for Airbnb (which are normal people who offer their services sporadically), use some tricks to improve the photos of the apartments and that generally, they seem bigger and brighter.

This does not mean that the apartment will not look like anything, no. But just keep that in mind.

If the pictures of the apartment are not verified, then my recommendation is that if you can, you can discard it.

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