5 Leading Edge Network Security Solutions to Safeguard Your Home

Written by Posted On Tuesday, 20 November 2018 13:08

In our digital age it has become more increasingly important to safeguard your personal data. People increasingly expect to interact with various websites on the internet with safety and security. As these expectations are hardening, network security should be a primary area of concern no matter where you live.


It is absolutely essential for homes to guard against threats such as malware which, according to the well-respected Ponemon Institute, amount to the foremost type of cybercrime. Adopting and deploying multiple lines of defense to your network, known as layered security, is also vital. This is because hackers and other malicious actors often deploy numerous modes of attack to breach a system. Each layer helps defend against a specific type of attack. The following selections represent a sample of the best available network security software solutions for homeowners.


Traditional antivirus software


1. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2019


Bitdefender's stable of antivirus products leads this list due to their fully-featured, effective and dependable overall protection. After a clunky and time-consuming set-up and installation process, users are offered a thorough list of automatic features -- such as firewall, anti-malware, web advisor and URL filtering -- for several devices, both externally and internally. Through their easy to use administrator dashboard, users can monitor devices, grant or deny access, and remotely control them.


The biggest drawback of this software is a lack of a device location feature for any stolen devices as well as a file shredder capability.


2. Norton Security Standard


A high-caliber network security solution used and trusted by many homeowners across the globe, this software package offers similar protection but tailored for home offices and priced accordingly. With convenient and simple cloud-based setup and management, Norton Security Standard most budget-friendly offering provides protection for 10 in-office and remote devices, from desktops to smartphones.


IDS, IPS and unified threat management system explained


Intrusion Detection System, or IDS, and Intrusion Prevention System, or IPS, are two distinct network security applications that serve different purposes. An IPS acts as an active threat neutralizer sitting at the gate of entry into your data, known as the "in-line." IDS is a more passive traffic monitoring system that can reveal threats, both internal and external, for administrators to take action upon. The question of IDS vs IPS is actually nullified by adopting a unified threat management, or UTM, package.


Deploying a single and comprehensive solution that utilizes the best aspects of both an IDS and IPS –- as well as traditional firewalls and anti-malware scanners -- is called a UTM. The benefits of adopting a UTM may be mitigated by its one-size-fits-all nature. However, it is a UTM's ease of use and relatively low cost that should especially appeal to SMBs.


Selection of the best UTMs


3. Fortinet UTM


Fortinet UTM was called by Gartner as the “clear leader” in this market. Fortinet’s stable of products combines attractive price points, high-performance utility, and low-complexity. Their management console and support services are areas, according to Gartner, that could use improvement.


4. WatchGuard's Firebox UTM


Reviewers and users alike give high marks for this package’s free endpoint detection and response capability, analysis and reporting modules, strong overall performance and ease of use. Public cloud features and client support are seen as somewhat lacking here.


5. Check Point Appliances


Check Point has received praise from Gartner and others for its enterprise-level security capabilities and lack of complexity in set up and management. Check Point is especially optimal for mid-range organizations. Strong traits here include intelligence and extraction, threat detection, reporting and auditing, intrusion prevention and sandboxing. Price is a drawback, as is the email quarantine and decryption capacity.


As statistics show, proper network security is becoming more important than ever before. Help your home stay ahead of the curve by implementing or improving your network security solution to withstand the threats of tomorrow.

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