Interior Designer Tips for a Modern Kitchen

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The kitchen is the most used room in the house and is a major deciding factor when someone is hunting for a new home. It only follows that you would want your kitchen to not only be a joy to look at but also be functional and cater to your lifestyle. Below are some tips on how to modernize your kitchen. Pick which of our interior designer tips would best suit your modern kitchen remodel!

Go for Minimalism

Modern Kitchen

Clean lines are always a classic. The more you keep things simple, the better your kitchen will stand through time even when decades go by. You can’t go wrong with white walls, stainless steel surfaces and appliances, and maybe a touch of black. You can also choose to go for an all-black look mixed in with stainless steel and wood to lighten things up a little. Accent with a bit of green by using indoor plants as décor. Make sure that your floors go well with your cabinets and don’t clash with your walls!

Try Industrial

Modern Kitchen2

Concrete walls and countertops are a huge hit these days and they sure will remain a favorite for years to come. Mixed in with stainless steel and a bit of wood, the industrial look is not only pleasing to look at but is also easy to maintain and extremely easy to clean. Stainless steel and concrete counters are resistant to food stains and oil splatters plus can withstand high temperatures.

Warm Things Up with Wood

Modern Kitchen3

Too much stainless steel or monochromatic surfaces can tend to make the kitchen seem cold and too impersonal. By adding some wood in the form of stools, a wooden fruit bowl, or maybe a decorative arrangement of dried twigs, you’ll add some warmth without overdoing it.

Splurge in Your Backsplash

Modern Kitchen4

Even industrial or minimalist kitchens can be glammed up with the right backsplash. You can unleash your creative side and inject some personality to your kitchen with the use of patterned tiles or perhaps some beautiful marble for your backsplash. If you’re on a budget, smaller tiles arranged on a pattern can work wonders too!

Don’t Shy Away from Using Artwork

Modern Kitchen5

A modern kitchen is one that you can be comfortable entertaining in as well as prepare food in. It is no longer a ‘hidden’ part of the home. Feel free to decorate your kitchen walls with your family photos as well as prized artwork. There is nothing to worry about regarding using this tip as long as you refrain from placing artwork or photos near the sink or cooktop. A few personal touches such as your favorite candles and flowers are welcome too!

modern kitchen can be achieved with just a few changes to your existing kitchen design. The key is to make sure that you go beyond simply creating a functional kitchen and create one that feels as comfortable as the main living spaces in your house. For design inspirations, check out the modern kitchens in some of our available Oakville homes!

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