5 Tips to Help You Downsize Successfully

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 21 November 2018 09:33

Moving into a new home can be considered a life event. It primarily has more impact on the type of life you live, when you’re downsizing. It may be because all the kids have grown up and moved out and now it’s only you and your partner or even just you.


Maybe you no longer have enough money to keep the place going, and you’re almost sinking in debt. Downsizing is more overwhelming than any other type of move. Therefore, here are a few tips to make it as smooth as possible:


1. Look on the bright side

Moving into a smaller house always looks like a downgrade to most people. When you look into it carefully, having a small house poses greater advantages than a large one. A lower house means you get to save on bills such as electricity and water. It’s a way of maximizing the space you have.


It takes less time when doing house chores such as cleaning. Plus, it’s the perfect place to get closer to everyone in the family. Sometimes living in a really large house means that everyone gets their space and isn’t ready to always share it with others.


2. Declutter

Downsizing can cause a lot of stress and anxiety especially for someone who is attached to their things. It’s often overwhelming. The first step in decluttering is getting rid of stuff you don’t like, then things you don’t use and things you can’t afford. Get rid of the mentality that you’re going to use or need something one day because you won’t. If you haven’t gone for hockey for over four years, then you probably don’t need those sticks. You don’t need 30 cups when you’re just two people in the house(although keep a few more in case of guests). Those high school notes, get rid of them. Conducting garage sales is a good way to start and donating things to the needy is also great. Eventually decluttering your home will feel more of decluttering your mind.

3. Choose the right home

Downsizing can be severe especially when you’ve spent most of your life in ample space. Moving to a smaller house can somewhat be challenging because how do you fit the large stuff in this suddenly small space.


When choosing a home get the one that can allow you to move with at least 50% of your furniture. It’s important to walk around with a tape measure so that you don’t buy a house only to realize that your sofa can’t fit in the liver my room when you’re moving in.


4. Get rid of duplicates

Getting rid of duplicates especially applies to things in the kitchen. Do you need five different colored knives? You probably don’t. You probably bought some spices just cause you were feeling like Gordon Ramsey at the store and you e never used them. Just get rid of them because you’ll never use them. They’re too hot for you, and you can’t stand chili anyway.


5. Invest in more storage

Moving doesn’t always mean that you have to get rid of every minute thing. Sometimes buying storage units can save you the anxiety that comes with needing to eliminate some things.


You may get rid of something only to realize later that you would have needed it in the future. Any place in the house can be a storage area as long as you’re innovative. Don’t throw away that old vase; use it to store your keys. An empty closet is also a great place to put things away.


Moving to a smaller place is difficult. Mentally, physically and emotionally. From deciding where to move to organize the new home. Doing it the right way not only means that you’re comfortable, but it’s also a way of starting a new phase of life. It could be the best part of your life yet.

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