Defend Your Home Office Computer From Hackers and Viruses in a Few Minutes

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 21 November 2018 14:46

Hackers are able to outsmart technology so fast that sometimes it may feel like there's nothing you can really do to protect your computer. Failing to do so, however, just makes you vulnerable since perpetrators are known to go after the easiest prey, which was the case in a recent ransomware attack that struck networks around the world. The following software will take just a few minutes to download and offer you the defenses you need.


Antivirus software


A healthy computer is a lot like a healthy body where if you have a virus you are put out of comission which is what happens to computers. However, with the right software you won't have to think about virus's like you think about when to take your bcaa before you hit the gym. Everyone knows that having a computer infected by a virus is nothing to sing and dance about, but it helps to educate yourself further about what viruses are when selecting a product that defends you from them. Viruses are code that does damage to your system files. They can even wipe out your personal data. The best antivirus software won't just stop an attack, it will inform you that you're running the risk of visiting suspicious sites. It will store your passwords in one place securely. Some will even suggest log-ins that are less vulnerable to being guessed. Trend Micro, McAfee and Avast are tried and true brands to consider. Both free and paid subscriptions are available in most antivirus software, but paying can provide you with features such as parental controls and identity theft shields that basic plans don’t offer.



A firewall is a software that creates a wall around your computer that stops anything unauthorized from entering. Some examples of what a firewall defend you from are routing attacks that can cripple an entire home or office network. A firewall can save your IP address from getting spoofed and hijacked. You should have one for both your hardware and software. Kaspersky, Norton and Bit Defender are just some of a range of firewall programs that are popular and can be installed quickly. While having a firewall is regarded as essential, it’s not the only software you should be using to secure your laptop. Consider a WAF or web application firewall program for further monitoring capability.




Spyware steals data. It's easy to have it installed on your computer and not know about it. It can be simply be tracking technology that advertisers use to learn what your shopping preferences are. It can be far more insidious, however. Spyware is able to retrieve your credit card number, passwords to your email and social media pages. Spyware is the most intrusive software there is and can literally use your computer to learn the most intimate things about you. When you’re not vigilant about the programs you save on your device, spyware can come with it. Anti-spyware programs that are recommended will proactively alert you to personal details about you that are most vulnerable to being stolen. It will also stop them from being seen by prying eyes. Data Discover conducts searches that let you know if information such as your driver’s license or social security number is in easy reach of thieves. Spybot Search & Destroy is a software that does exactly what its name indicates. It’s best to conduct free trials of a variety of spyware products to decide which one’s best for you.

According to recent figures report, 47% of Americans who own computers inadvertently shared their private lives with hackers. It all sounds so far fetched. Making the mistake of thinking that getting hacked is something that affects other people instead of taking the time to download software that can keep your device secure, however, is a grave error that can make you a victim of malicious activity. The good news is that it only takes a few minutes to save software on your computer that will protect you.

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