How to sell luxury real estate

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The sale of large mansions, luxury penthouses, villas and chalets valued in millions of dollars implies sales techniques very different from conventional ones. The first of all is to have a team of highly qualified professionals for this work. With experience and with the necessary knowledge about luxury real estate operations. The location, the distribution of spaces and qualities are some of the characteristics sought by luxury home buyers. The real estate agent, among other resources, must empathize and show the differential value of the villa in order to sell it.

When people talk about luxury homes, they refer to real estate that invites them to dream about what life would be like inside that dream house. If you are going to Phuket villa for sale it is important that you resort to the feelings, that you empathize with the client, so you will know what kind of house they are looking for and what life they dream to have in that home. If you know what they are looking for, you can sell the house around it and generate a feeling in the client that what you offer is what they are looking for.

It is important that you sign the strengths of the luxury home you want to sell, find its differential value compared to other houses to show those features that turn the house into the home of the client's dreams. The visit you make to the house has to be based on highlighting what stands out in that house, and the preparation of the house must be impeccable. The client besides wanting the house to have all the basic things wants to imagine living in it, if you get a potential client to be seen in that luxury house, the client will be yours.

The luxury homes offer many benefits and amenities, a series of features that differentiate it from another type of housing and that we must show. In addition, customers will be interested:

---> The localization.

---> The state of the house.

---> The benefits offered.

---> Distribution of spaces.

---> Infrastructure.

Contact potential customers

A real estate agent specializing in the sale of prime houses should have a useful contact book. In other words, the first thing that must be done to sell luxury real estate is to contact potential clients (their tastes, their needs, their social status, etc.). This kind of sales means knowing how to get in touch with the right people. That is to say, with those that fulfills a number of requirements and a profile aimed to the luxury real estate market. The rest of the actions will be a waste of time because we will be investing our time and effort towards an audience that is not really interested in buying and selling this kind of luxury homes.

Knowing the product well

In the market of prime house sales, it is extremely important to know what is going to be sold. For this reason, any self-respecting professional must prepare a descriptive dossier that contains the following information:

---> Physical characteristics of the property.

---> Legal characteristics.

---> Financial characteristics.

---> Commercial characteristics.

This document is the one that contains all the necessary information to convince the owner about the best price to sell his luxury home. Also, thanks to this dossier you will have all the necessary resources to argue your sale with a possible buyer.

The importance of real estate public relations

The sale of luxury homes means having a unique access to the circles where potential customers move. For this reason, every real estate agent in this sector must have specific training in what is known as real estate public relations. This is a part of the specialization needed in this sector. Real estate agents can socialize better with a public that is much more in line with the sales profile they need to make. This consists of specialized training in languages, protocol, attracting investors, relationship with the media, conversation techniques and public presentations, etc.


In order to sell luxury real estate, a specific preparation is needed, different from conventional house sales. In the first place there must be a specialization that allows to advise the owners, as well as the buyers. Secondly, real estate agents in the sale of prime houses must have training that will allow them to reach their target audience.

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