5 tips to choose the ideal lounge for your home

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The lounge is one of the furniture with more presence in our home and we use it daily either to read books, rest or watch television. To choose the right lounge for your home you must take into account some aspects such as the dimensions, style, and materials with which it is manufactured. Therefore, 5 tips have been brought to you by Domayne Lounges so that you can choose it in the perfect way.

1. Where and how to place your lounge?

First, ask yourself if you want it to be attached to the wall or as a division... If you do not have much space, it is better to place it to the wall in L for example. On the contrary, if you have more space you can use it to divide the space and put it in U or parallel for example. If you want to create a corner in your living room, a U-shaped lounge can be seen very nice in the corners.

2. How much space for your lounge?

To determine the length of your lounge, take the measurement of the wall where you want to put it and subtract 90 cm. This will assure you that you can put tables next to each other and that the space will be functional for walking. If you do not have much space, you'd better choose a lounge (with 2 bodies) and an armchair.

3. What color should you choose for your lounge?

It is usually the most difficult for us to decide. The color chosen can match the rest of the decoration in general lines or can be coordinated with certain key elements. It can also be the piece that stands out without having to match anything. The most combinable lounges are smooth ones with a neutral, pastel or earth color. Keep in mind that the color and fabric that you choose you will have in all seasons of the year, what you can change more easily are the decorative cushions according to the season.

4. What is the ideal size of your lounge?

You already have clear ideas about the shape; the length and the space where you want your lounge, now get inspired by these tips to know more about the measurements of your ideal lounge! Your lounge has to be ergonomic!

For a person of 1.70 m in height, the lounge should have a depth between 75 and 90 cm and a height between 80 and 90 cm. Also, check well that your knees can bend well, your legs should rest bent at a 90 ° angle.

For armrests, the ideal height is between 10 and 20 cm so that you lean well on them.

Finally, the texture of the seat is very important. The couch for the TV room or home theater should have a softer foam to provide comfort to those who will spend long periods of time watching movies and shows.

5. How useful will your lounge be?

Before making your decision, do not forget to ask about the functionality of your lounge! What will it serve? Do you live alone or as a couple and your lounge serves more decoration or do you have a large family or many friends that you like to invite for snacks at home? If you already have children or spend a lot of time with people in your living room, choose a lounge made of easy maintenance material such as fabric or synthetic fibers. Likewise, if you have pets, you will prefer a lounge that is not easily damaged.

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