5 Reasons to Buy Retirement Apartments in Mallorca

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After you have worked so very many years in a cool to cold climate like the UK, that long-awaited retirement brings up visions of warm days spent at the seaside. With retirement on the horizon, isn’t it time you thought of downsizing with that one thought in mind? Take your profits and invest in a Mediterranean property. You might even want to look into just how easy it is to buy retirement apartments in Mallorca. If you are looking for reasons to spur you on, consider these five for starters.

Apartments in Mallorca

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1. Warm Mediterranean Air and Plenty of Sunshine

If you were to compare the UK to a Mediterranean climate like Mallorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands situated off the coast of Spain, you’d say it’s a no-brainer. The UK averages approximately 1,400 hours of sunlight per year with Mallorca averaging double that amount, at almost 2,800 hours annually. Tired of shovelling snow? Mallorca it is!

2. Lovely Drives through Scenic Natural Landscapes

The topography of Mallorca is simply breath-taking. You can live inland and then drive a short distance over a bit of hilly or mountainous terrain to behold a majestic view of the crystal blue waters of the sea as you crest the hill. What retiree doesn’t enjoy those peaceful country drives? You’ll not find them at home as you would in Mallorca, that’s a promise easy to keep.

3. A Growing Retirement Community Like Yourselves

With so many benefits to living in a Mediterranean climate, you will find that there is a growing retirement community in Mallorca. The homes are absolutely lovely, the scenery is beyond compare, and the warmth of the sunshine is all it takes to entice people from cold climates all around the world to settle into this part of the world for retirement.

4. Close Enough to Home for Family Visits

If you are retiring in Mallorca from the UK, consider the fact that it is just over two hours by air. You can fly out of London or the East Midlands, for example, and be on the ground in Mallorca in just about two hours 20 minutes. Whether flying back home to visit the kids or inviting family to visit you in paradise, the trip is short and cheap enough to travel one or more times a year.

5. Quaint Towns and Villages with Everything in Reach

When you are in retirement, the last thing you want to do is battle large crowds or travel long distances to get all the groceries and supplies you need on a regular basis. This is something you’ll never need to stress over whilst living on Mallorca because everything is within reach. Many retirees like to enjoy the ride into town for a bit of lunch and a quick shopping excursion before heading back to the comfort of their apartment where life is idyllic at this stage of the game.

So, there you have five of the many reasons why you might want to consider retiring in Mallorca. Why spend your days fighting cold and traffic when you can bask in the warm rays of the lovely Mediterranean sun?

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