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The Best Landscaping Ideas for Spring

Written by Posted On Thursday, 06 December 2018 19:47

We’re still far from the first day of spring, but, man, aren’t we excited! As we make do with the colder months, we can only imagine the first rays of spring sunshine to land on our front yard. When the snow melts and reveals the fresh grass and blooms of your landscaping, you can imagine yourself giving your front lawn the pampering it deserves.

spring landscaping

The snow outside can be relentless, but at least you get to visualize a nice-looking lawn. You’re probably thinking of a few great ideas to make it stand out. Right now, you have ample time to plan out your spring landscaping projects.

So, while you’re inside cozying up with a cup of hot chocolate in your hands, think about these great landscaping ideas that will get you started.

1. Plant ornamental shrubs and flowers

Springtime is all about the first blooms of the year, and what better way to welcome the first few weeks than to plant flowers and shrubs. After all, they are a great aesthetic feature to include in your home improvement plan for the first few months of the year. Crocuses, for one, are a great addition to your garden since they provide living color to your home’s surroundings. Pansies are also great to plant in bulk since they tend to bloom with a nice cherry tinge. If you’re more into fragrance, then lilacs should be your best bet.

2. Dig up a small pond

Want to convert your front lawn into a makeshift park? Consider digging up a small pond where you can grow fish like koi. It may take a lot of work to pull it together, but you won’t downplay the results. For one, having a pond with some plants surrounding it gives your front lawn a therapeutic purpose. After all, if you want to create landscaping that’s ideal for rest and relaxation, a garden pond adds a much needed Zen element to achieve that effect.

3. Consider outdoor fixtures

Does you landscaping look too empty? One solution to this is to build fixtures such as an outdoor dining set, benches, and birdhouses. If you want something you can use for anything, you can consider building a garden shed. Designer Sheds has everything you need to build attractive and functional garden sheds for your needs. Aside from sheds, you may want to erect lamp posts that will beautifully illuminate your property.

4. Update your pathways

Visitors are bound to tour your landscaping to see its many wonders, but they will also be impressed by the stepping stones and the pathways you lay out. That being said, you may want to revamp your paths. For a rustic, old-country feel, you can place varnished wood planks that should course through your garden. If you want to achieve a consistent Zen motif, you can fill up your paths with pebbles and lay large white tiles. This will give a cleaner and relaxing look. Finally, you can also use cobblestone for your pathways to accomplish a fantasy-inspired theme.

With these landscaping ideas in mind, you’re probably eager for winter time to end!

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