Perfect Home Projects for Your Holiday Downtime

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 19 December 2018 12:49

If you’re traveling or not going somewhere far for the holidays, chances are that you’ll have some holiday downtime that’s enough to take care of a home project or two. Below are some ideas that will make perfect use of your time as well as help you clean up for the coming year ahead!

Give Your Book Collection Some Love

Now is the perfect time to organize your book collection, be it to simply rearrange them or if you decide to sort them so that you can part ways with some that you no longer enjoy.

Sort Your Kids’ Things

Children grow so fast and chances are that there are some toys they no longer like and clothes that they can no longer wear. You can choose to keep these in storage for future use or perhaps donate to those in need to help spread some holiday cheer. Children’s charities usually take donations year-round.

Clean Your Digital Life

With the holidays happening soon, the new year is just around the corner ready to give you fresh beginnings. Why not clean up your digital life by getting rid of files you no longer need, photos that don’t bring you joy, and even social media posts that you don’t want to be seen on your wall. Now would be a great time to back up important data as well.  

Shop for the Pantry of Your Dreams

Why wait for the new year before you buy the healthy foods you want when you got the time to do so now with extra time to spare to organize your pantry as well? If you’re making healthier food swaps, you might be able to score some great deals now because non-healthy foods are more in demand in stores.

Tend to Your Light Fixtures

Few people ever clean up their light fixtures, letting them be dull. Take this time to wipe down all glass light fixtures, replace old ones if necessary, and make them shine.

Sort and Put Away Seasonal Things

The year is nearly over and some summer and autumn décor might still be out making your home feel cluttered. Sort through your things and try to stash seasonal things in bins so that you’ll easily find them when needed.

Organize Your Wardrobe

Gift yourself some love by organizing your wardrobe. Get rid or store clothes that no longer fit you, donate them, or maybe repurpose them into new pieces if you know how to sew. If you have the closet space and time, why not customize your closet and organize your clothes by season or by color?

Make Your Kitchen Shine

You’ll probably use your kitchen a lot this time of the year so why not give it a good scrub down after? If you need a day or two to replace fixtures, repaint cabinets, or refinish surfaces, tackle that too before the holiday season is over.

Are you excited about celebrating the holidays this year? You’ll love it even more if you’re having a staycation in your dream home! Contact us if you’re planning to move to Oakville or wanting to sell your Oakville home soon.

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