5 Holiday Decorating Tips for a Home That is for Sale

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 19 December 2018 13:07

How to decorate a home for the holidays when it is for sale can be very tricky. If you’re selling, you’d want the last holiday you spend in your home to be memorable but at the same time wouldn’t want to turn away potential buyers. Well, today is one of your lucky days! Below, we share with you some home decorating tips that are perfect for those who have their home on the market this season. Celebrate the holidays in style with the tips below!

Start with a Clean Slate

Christmas Home Staging

Since your home is on the market and you’ll be moving soon, it would be bet to declutter and do your deep cleaning before decorating. Think of this as a way to motivate you to get rid of trinkets and knickknacks that you don’t need and prepare your home for home staging too.

Approaching holiday decorating with the thinking that you are staging your home for a photoshoot or perhaps an open house will not only help you to choose only to stick with things that you absolutely love, but will also help you keep things elegant by not looking overly done.

Keep it Minimal

Christmas Home Staging2

Ornaments everywhere can turn off buyers who may not be as keen about the holidays as you are. More so, over-decorating can hide the best features of your home.

Speaking of being minimal, it would be helpful to stay away from overly-religious decorations as well. Some buyers may be very sensitive and even if they are not, you will want future buyers to be able to imagine themselves living in your place. It would be very challenging to do that if all they can see are your family photos and tons of personal decorations everywhere. Besides, you can decorate to your heart’s content once you’ve moved in to your new place!

Accentuate the Good

Christmas Home Staging3

If you must decorate, do it in a way that accentuates the best features of your home, such as a particularly magical staircase or a gorgeous mantle. Add stockings over a beautiful fireplace, or add twinkling lights to frame a window with an amazing view.

Keep it Classy

Christmas Home Staging4

The last thing you want would be for anyone to feel overwhelmed by your decorating style. It would be best to keep decorations classy and not clash-y by sticking to a neutral colour palette or a theme that you like.

Caress the Senses

Christmas Home Staging5

As with all home showing or open house, having welcoming scents wafting throughout the home is always a great idea. The good news is, you can make that a part of your holiday decorating too!

Try a basket of wintery bath bombs in the bathroom, a garland of scented pinecones, or maybe simmer oranges and cinnamon over the stove top. Open house or not, this one is a hit!

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