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Access to the property is not within the reach of all scholarships. However, those who wish to buy in the new real estate can benefit from some tips to acquire their home. Here are some best tips to buy cheaper in new real estate.

Take advantage of new housing launch offers

When marketing a real estate program, certain phases can provide nice discount codes. This is particularly the case for the launch phase of the program. Indeed, it is rather common for developers to offer advantageous conditions to first purchasers (notary fees offered, free indoor equipment, reduction of a certain amount per piece purchased, etc.) in order to publicize a new program. Nevertheless, these promotions are not systematic. When they are proposed, they are generally highlighted through a specific communication (billboards, newsletter, etc.). It is therefore essential to remain attentive and to keep abreast of all the programs recently or soon launched in your area of ​​research: a good deal may be the key!

Get significant haircuts on program queues

The launch phase of a new program is not the only one to offer good discount codes on housing prices. The end of marketing also allows to obtain a new housing at reduced price. Thus, when the real estate program is completed or about to be completed, the promoter often tries to speed up the sale of the few remaining lots (program queue), a physical stock that costs him dearly, by granting very attractive discounts. It is therefore possible to obtain between 10 and 35% of discount on the price of a new home. Moreover, contrary to what some ideas suggest, program tails do not necessarily have defects. They sometimes came back for sale only because the buyers did not get their mortgage. In addition, these homes allow to move quickly since they are already completed.

Buy your new home in bare ownership

The dismemberment of property is a good way to get big discounts on the price of a new home, provided you are not too eager to move in. This legal arrangement consists in splitting the property of the property in two: the saver buys the bare ownership of the new housing, and in front of him, a third reserves the usufruct. Small flat: for a period of 12 to 20 years, depending on the nature of the contract subscribed, the investor can not take advantage of the housing he bought, nor collect a rental income on the property. However, he also does not have to pay the charges, taxes and various taxes during this period, and above all, can benefit from a discount of 30 to 50% on the selling price of housing. Finally, when the temporary usufruct expires, the saver recovers the full ownership of the new housing. Housing is worth 100% of its value, without taking into account its possible valuation.

Think about bulk buying!

Very marginal just a few years ago, group buying is starting to become more popular in real estate. Many companies have even specialized in this niche and help people come together. The principle is simple: several individuals gather, usually via civil real estate company, to buy a larger home and bring down prices. The group purchase can thus make it possible to subscribe to a short and low rate mortgage, while spending less. Once purchased, the property will be shared between the different buyers. This method is ideal for the acquisition of a second home, which different purchasers can take turns. The creation of a real estate company makes it possible to better manage the property purchased, by creating a political governance of the property: the votes about the property are not taken unanimously, but by the person in charge of arbitrating.

Target priority areas to obtain reduced VAT

To obtain a new flat at lower cost, the buyer also has the opportunity to turn to properties located in a Priority Neighborhood of the City or in an area of ​​urban planning and renovation. In these territories, VAT is only 5.5%, compared to 20%in normal mode. Great savings are therefore in prospect for the buyer. However, some conditions must be respected to take advantage of this reduced VAT rate. In particular, the housing purchased must be the principal residence of the purchaser. Price and resource ceilings, updated each year on 1 January, must also be respected: they correspond to the Social Rental Loan resource ceilings plus 11%.

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