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Home Decoration - 7 Stylish Ways To Use Indoor Plants

Written by Posted On Thursday, 03 January 2019 20:31

Indoor plants are very multipurpose and can be used in several techniques to improve your house decoration and atmosphere. Moreover, because there are so many selections of plants, your possibilities of using plants are limitless. You may want to color your room, to refreshing and relaxing mood, to get cool odor or just to purify the air.

1-    1- Hanging pods


One of the cool plant decoration idea is to grow indoor plants in hanging terrariums or pods. You can make attractive small gardens and hang them from the ceiling or display them on shelves. They are a great choice for usually modern and contemporary homes.

1-    2- Big plants


Some people love to see big plant rather than small one. Therefore, if you love big plants you can create large plant the focal point of attention. You can place the plant near a cozy seating or corner. You should note that some plants are easier to grow indoors than others and they need less maintenance.

1-    3- Small Plants


If you however love to see small plants, you can use minor indoor plants to make a refreshing ambiance in your kitchen or in your bedroom. You can have like a little planter on your nightstand or hang one in your room’s corner.

1-      4- Small Kitchen Garden


In your kitchen, make a small vertical garden for plants and herbs. You will constantly get fresh ingredients to cook with and the plants will look great in the room and will sure give your overall home decoration a boost up.

1-      5- Build around a tree


Are you going to root out a tree from an area because you want to build a new house or a new room? Stop! You can leave the tree as it is and start building around it. It can be eventually part of your house and you can cover it with glass to look more beautiful.

1-      6- A tree inside


In addition, you can carry a tree inside your house and create an area like a garden near the entrance. Decorate it with rocks and maybe with stones or pebble and make sure the tree gets enough amount of natural light.

1-      7- vegetable garden


Additional idea is to make an indoor vegetable garden. It is properly good not to put it in the kitchen because there is a lot of moisture and hot air in there. You can place it however on the balcony or in good place in your house where it also gets enough light.

So finally here we are at the end of this plants gallery. Remmeer plants are still plants so you have to educate your self how to correctly take care of them and how to provide them with all thir needs like water, good soil, urea fertlizer and off course light. If you want to know how to source plants and flower at wholesale price then vist SaleHoo.

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