How to Design a Home from Home in Thailand

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Moving to Thailand is a big step for anyone to undertake; however, the benefits are many. Not only will you get to enjoy year-round good weather, fantastic food, and cheap prices for everything from gas to your utilities, but you’ll be immersing yourself in one of the friendliest cultures around the world. Thailand isn’t called The Land of Smiles for no reason.

Home in Thailand

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If you are planning to make the move permanent, though, you’ll want to consider your living arrangements. Renting a property in Thailand is relatively easy, but decorating it in the Western style you’ve become accustomed to isn’t quite so straightforward. Keep the following ideas in mind, though, and you’ll have some options that you can work with.

Research Local Furniture Stores

The first thing you’ll want to do is research local furniture stores. If you’re moving to Bangkok, or another important city in Thailand, this will make your job a lot easier. Bangkok, for example, is full of shopping malls offering you plenty of choice. One furniture store that Western visitors will definitely want to take a look at is Euro Creations. They sell a lot of luxury furniture Thailand that is designed in Milan. If you want your new home or apartment to have a European style, this is the shop to achieve this from.

Consider Overseas Removals

If you can’t find any furniture in Thailand itself, or if you’re really attached to the furniture in your current property and don’t want to have to sell it, paying an overseas removal company to ship it for you could be a good idea. While this won’t be cheap, there are companies who will pack up your current property and deliver everything to your new one. This is a good idea for those who know they are going to live in Thailand permanently, as well as those who have built up a lot of possessions over the years that will be hard to leave behind. It’s not an easy solution by any means, but most overseas removal companies will make the process as stress free as possible for you.

Don’t Forget Your Home Comforts

While it can be easier to rent a fully furnished apartment, and this is something that a lot of expats choose to do in order to reduce stress and hassle, you’ll want to remember your home comforts. This could be anything from your games console to your favorite bedding set, and it is worth either shipping these items over or carrying them in your luggage if you have the room to do so. Some people choose to leave their favorite possessions with a loved one back at home and ask them to ship them over once they have found somewhere to live. If you have this option available to you, it’s well worth considering.

Moving to Thailand doesn’t have to mean completely embracing the Thai style and way of life. Keep the above ideas in mind and you’ll find your move is less of a culture shock.

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