5 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Is Not Cooling

Written by Posted On Sunday, 06 January 2019 01:37

Singapore is a great place to reside but the weather can be really sultry and hot. After a busy day at the office you would want to curl up in your bedroom and relax with the air conditioning blowing cool air. But if your air conditioner is not cooling properly you will not feel like coming home at all. How can a person relax while sweating? But this problem can be solved easily because an air conditioner usually does not cool properly for the following reasons:

Dirty air filter:

This is the most common reason for an air conditioner to not function properly. When an air filter gets clogged with dust and dirt the air is not able to pass through the vents properly and this will result in the air conditioner not cooling the room properly. However, the solution for this problem is really very simple. All you need to do is clean the filter and if it is not worth cleaning you can change the filter. Changing or replacing the filter is very easy if you know the size of the filter. If you do not know the size you should carry the old filter to the store or you can take a photograph and get the right one for your air conditioner. A good idea would be to get a HEPA filter as it is known to keep even tiny dust particles away and you and your family will be breathing cleaner air.


Yes you read that right, the thermostat could be the problem. You may have set the thermostat to on instead of auto and this could result in the air conditioner not cooling properly. Setting the thermostat right will not only keep the room cool you will also be happy to know that it will reduce your energy bills and the air conditioner will also have a longer life.

Dirty outer unit:

The outer unit of your air conditioner needs to be kept clean. Most of us do not care about the outer unit as we do not see it regularly. Over time dust and debris can actually hamper the working of your air conditioner. Regularly clean the unit and you will have an air conditioner working properly always.

Less refrigerant:

If your air conditioner is not cooling properly then the reason could be low refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant means you will be getting hot air rather than cool air from the vents. Your energy bills also will be higher if there is low refrigerant. You can consult an air conditioner technician who will ensure that the refrigerant levels are right and you will have good cool air in your house

Regular servicing:

Regular air conditioning service will not only help in keeping your air conditioner functioning properly it will also ensure that the life of the air conditioner increases. If you do not service your air conditioner regularly your air conditioner will be prone to repairs and getting them fixed will be a very costly affair.

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