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What to Look for in a Smart Security System

Written by Posted On Thursday, 10 January 2019 17:06

If you are busy moving into a new home, finding the right security system that can work for you can be a frustrating process especially when you are in a hurry to secure your place. However, you should know that a home security system is essential, and its installation shouldn't be rushed. Apart from giving you unexpected benefits, a home security system gives you a peace of mind for many years. Poor selection of a security system can leave your house exposed to many threats. If you want to get the best security system that can work for you, follow the tips below:


1. A Security System that has Professional Monitoring for an Emergency


You can come across home security systems that are linked to smartphone apps that give you updates on everything going on in your home. Such a system is great, but it is impossible for you to respond to all the emergencies in your house. If you need a good home security system, it is essential that you get professional security monitoring. In the event of an emergency, the system alerts the people at the monitoring station, and they send a team of security professionals to assist you. The good thing is that the security professionals are on call during the day and night. As a result, the system is always on 24 hours a day.


2. Smart Alerting that doesn't get you Overwhelmed


Smartphone alerts are great. The problem with some security systems is that they give you updates about every activity that goes on in your house, whether good or bad. A good home security system can be configured only to provide you with updates if specific things happen. You may opt to get updates if someone opens the back door or fails to key in the right code to access the main door.

3. Security with more Convenience


A modern security system is meant to make your life easier. Smart access control is an excellent feature that you should look for. A smart lock fitted on your door and connected to the system only allows authorized people to enter your house. You can set a permanent code for your kids and a temporary code for visitors. The temporary code is supposed to expire after a certain period. Additionally, you can decide to link the smart lock to your lights. Once the door opens, the lights go on. Ensure that your security system has

ips security installed to prevent any security threats from hackers trying to tamper with it.


4. A System with Smart Deterrence


It is better to deter crime than deal with the situation after the damage has been done. If you get the right system, your home can be unattractive to all burglars. Therefore, invest in a security system that has deterrents that are visible like an outdoor and doorbell camera. This is because before burglars break into your home, they check for cameras. Additionally, you can also decide to invest in smart lights. You can opt to have the lights on every time the sun sets, or anytime the camera detects motion. Such a light makes intruders feel as if they have been put on the spotlight.


5. Safety Features for your Family Members


A good security system does not only protect your house against theft, but it also keeps all your family members safe from daily dangers. If you have kids, install contact sensors that alert you anytime any of your kids enters a restricted area like the garage and storage room. Such a system ensures that you can monitor all your kids and keep them safe from danger. Some security systems don't need to be configured for them to protect you. The insights engine in the system learns the activity patterns over time. Eventually, in case an unusual activity occurs, you get an alert on your mobile phone.




Nowadays, having a smart security system has become a necessity in all households. The points discussed in this article can help you know if a specific system is right for you depending on your needs.

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