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5 Most Unconventional Uses for a Damaged Samsung Galaxy Tab

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 January 2019 03:30

Over the last decade, tablets have taken over our lives like anything. We are so addictive in using these smart gadgets that we don’t feel the need to have a laptop, TV or a personal computer while we have a tablet. These tablets prove to be a compact version of every other device like the three mentioned above. Samsung is the most popular manufacturer of tablet and since the inception of a tablet, it has introduced many models, including; Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, Samsung Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, etc.

While being the most popular and adored device, tablets are much vulnerable to damage. That is the reason that every now and then we tend to break our beloved tablet. The fault might be yours or the tablets, but this issue is a big one when you break it. Whenever we break our tablets we tend to think ‘what to do with an old tablet that doesn’t work?’ Well, there are certain things that can be done to rescue the broken tablet or to at least yield something out of it. There are many Cool things to do with a broken tablet through which you can save yourself from the potential loss of an asset (tablet). To sell a tablet is one of the possible ways out, but there are certainly other things as well that you can do with the tablet to make it useful.

What to do with old Samsung tablet?

You can perform following things to save yourself from the potential loss or just for fun!

  1. Unleash The Scientist Inside of You With Damaged Samsung Galaxy Tab: 

Most of us are always curious about the components used in the manufacturing of the electronic gadgets that we use. To check it yourself, nothing can be better than a broken tablet itself. Samsung Galaxy Tabs are manufactured with such complications that you can easily explore if you disassemble your Samsung Galaxy Tab. You just need to grab the toolbox and take a screwdriver to start opening it. Be careful while doing so as you don’t want the tablet to stay open after you have discovered its internal components. So you have to keep this thing in mind that you have to assemble the tablet back again after exploring it. Once you are done exploring, try your best to assemble it back again.

  1. Security Camera With Samsung Galaxy Tab: 

Another fun thing that you can do with your damaged Samsung Galaxy Tab is that you can turn it into a security camera. But this thing is limited to the fact that your tab is not damaged to the extent that it doesn’t work. Or its cameras are broken. If the home button of your tab is broken, the battery isn’t working properly, have a cracked screen or its body is scratched and dented, but the tab switches on properly then you can perform this hack.

To do so, there are many security camera apps available on the play store, you can download any reliable one from there and sync it with your smartphone. Once done, you shall set the tablet at such a place in your home from where you can monitor the whole house. Once done, whenever you go out, turn on the application and plug the tab on the charge to monitor your house from wherever you are.

  1. Give The Damaged Samsung Galaxy Tab To Your Children: 

Samsung Galaxy Tabs are designed with such perfection that they are safe for use for children of any age above a certain threshold age limit. If you have broken your Samsung Galaxy Tab but it still works then you can download some educational applications and give the Samsung Galaxy Tab to your children or any other children in your house. These tablets are vital for the brain development of your child as there are certain applications available on the Play Store that helps you in doing so! You cannot keep your child deprived of such educational applications due to the competition in the current era. The children are getting smarter and smarter day by day and we have to respect that thing, and you can do so by providing a tablet to them for their own help.

  1. Trade In Old Samsung Tablet: 

This is one of the options if your tablet is in such condition that it doesn’t work at all! If you have broken your tablet in such a way that it doesn’t turn on anymore then the only option that you have in such a situation is to sell your old tablet. For selling the first option that you have is of trade in. Many platforms online provide such facilities to the Samsung Galaxy Tab users, even Samsung itself provides its customers with such facilities. To trade in old Samsung tablet with Samsung you would have to visit Samsung’s official website and find out if Samsung is accepting the model of your Tablet. If it does, clearly define the condition of your tablet to get an instant price quote, if you want to sell your old tablet at that price then you might have to accept the quote and send your tablet to Samsung and receive a gift card in return. You can redeem the gift card worth of the value of your Samsung Galaxy Tab while shopping for any Samsung product in the future.

  1. Sell Old/Broken Tablet For Parts:

The last and the best option that you have if you own a broken tablet is to sell your old tablet to a mobile phone and tablet recycler for parts. There are many mobile phone recycling platforms available online that purchase old broken tablets for cash. Yes, now you don’t have to worry that your tablet is worthless if it’s broken, as you can easily sell a tablet that is broken to yield some cash out of it. To sell your old tablet, you would have to surf the internet to find the best price for your old/broken tablet. To make the process even easier; there are many mobile phone comparison websites that have listed the best mobile phone recyclers in the UK on their websites e.g. SellTheMobile. You just have to go to the website and search for your Samsung Galaxy Tab there. Once you have searched for your tablet, you just have to select the accurate model and description including storage capacity, color, network status and condition of your tablet to get a list of price quotes.

You would have to compare the price quotes and further select the best one according to your preference. Once you have done that, you just have to fill a detailed form and complete the sale to wait for the free postage envelope. Once you receive the free postage envelope you just have to send your Tab free of cost to the recycler and get paid for it.

Final Verdict:

You might want to do some creativeness with your old/broken tablet but ultimately selling your old tablet is the last resort for you. So sell your old tablet before it’s too late to do so! 

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