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When reforming a loft, we almost always find a very special architectural style. It is a completely open space without dividing walls. That normally (at least originally) belonged to a construction with a different use than the current one. Although there are currently flats that have been purposely designed as pro loft conversions, the original idea remains. And in many cases they are apartments where we can see, for example, the concrete beams of the construction. And all this influences the different way in which these types of floors are decorated and furnished after making the necessary alterations to reform a loft.

Mark different areas in your diaphanous space

A first very important slogan is to consider space as something fluid. There will be no walls, corridors or doors that formally divide the spaces. But it will be necessary to delimit functional areas. Without it "breaking" the balance that exists in space as a whole. This means that all elements can potentially become divisions between areas. An excellent ally is to use the furniture as divisions. Staggered bookcases, sofas, wardrobes, each piece of furniture can become the symbol that we enter another functional area within the floor. And they can also help provide privacy and become focal points of decoration.

Another excellent way to mark the difference of spaces is to use screens. These elements can also be excellent decorating tools. And give a touch that reaffirms the style we have chosen. But you have to use them with measure and without abuse when reforming a loft. A loft is different, it is an open space and respecting this idea is what will give it an incomparable decorative style.

Before moving on to see options and concrete elements in the decoration, let's not forget an excellent element. That can define spaces when reforming a loft floor: painting. Although the fact of painting will not physically divide one area of ​​another. But it can be a tool that visually helps to distinguish where the kitchen "ends" and where the room starts, for example. The idea is to give an identity to each space of the house and color can be an excellent way to do it.

Reforming a loft: An industrial look

The first choice of decoration when refurbishing a loft is undoubtedly the industrial style. It is the natural alternative to decorate a space that used to have an authentic use of this type. Sometimes, we have "help" from the physical structure of the floor itself. The existence of concrete or iron beams those are still visible. The non-presence of a ceramic finish but a concrete floor polished by use. They are some elements that can tip us towards an industrial decoration and make it easier.

Another element that can be ideal to apply an industrial style in a loft is without a doubt the choice of materials. Metals and finishes in granite and stone can help give that stylized "factory" look that defines the industrial style. In the kitchen, for example, you can choose to use a dark color for the furniture and that the countertop is in granite. Saving old brick walls with a rough finish can also be a factor that defines the industrial style.

In bathroom and kitchen furniture (and even in bookshelves, shelves and cabinets), in addition to wood, some coarser material can also be used. As they are the bricks or pieces in concrete, very used when reforming a loft. It is a bar that divides the living room kitchen, the TV cabinet, etc. All these elements can benefit from the use of materials that would have their place in a factory. To this we must add colors in a range of white, gray and black. With small accents of dark colors and not bright. At the focal points of the decoration of each area of ​​the loft.

A vintage loft

Those same raw walls in concrete or brick, can adapt to another decorative style. The one that can evoke the lofts of Brooklyn: the vintage style. The introduction of furniture from the sixties or seventies of the last century or a touch of sepia or beige. All this can turn a loft floor into a warm space full of contrasts. An advantage that the vintage style possesses is that many of its elements and tones marry very well with the urban and modern feel of a loft.

It is interesting the use of floating shelves in wood, for example, with chairs and sofas designed in the sixties or seventies. It combines excellently with the rough walls in concrete and brick. That can be found in a loft that used to be part of an industrial warehouse. Enrich these elements with details like an old suitcase. Combined with shelves with baskets or decorative boxes to store clothes. Or with lamps in psychedelic colors, which will give a contrasting and intensely personal aspect to the space.

Design your own style

Of course, a minimalist style can also be applied in an excellent way when reforming a loft. Or if it is a rural one, which comes from a farmhouse or an old barn, a rustic style can fit like a glove.

The important thing is not to omit the elements that make the floor keep its personality to have been something more than a ship with four walls. That industrial air that comes from the origin of the floor itself is what needs to be exploited. To make a loft a pleasant space but also loaded with an intense and aesthetically pleasing style.

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