Furniture Trends to Start 2019

Written by Posted On Friday, 11 January 2019 17:29

Though some furniture trends in 2018 have lingered into 2019, the new year arrives with a few differences. Overall, the look is a bit cozier than it was in 2018, with a special emphasis on comfort. Read on for details:


Art Deco Makes a Comeback

Art Deco is a style that first came to prominence just after World War I and began to go out of fashion just before World War II. It emphasized curvy furniture made of rich wood such as bird’s eye maple or burr ash and luxurious fabrics such as buttery leather. Furniture was embellished with veneering, ivory inlays, and bas relief carvings. In a nod to the new technologies of the era, some furniture and even appliances and household objects were streamlined. 2019 looks to see a lovely comeback of this style.


Big, Comfortable Beds

If monk-like beds or futons were ever in style for Americans, they are definitely out in 2019. The trend this year is for beds that are not merely delicious to sink into but, as one designer put it, “womblike.” Given the stresses and strains of the time, nothing beats a bed piled with pillows and aptly named comforters. Along with this trend are upholstered head and footboards. Certainly, all of these comfortable fabrics will keep the neighborhood upholstery cleaner busy for the rest of the year.


More Hygge

Related to the comfortable bed is the Danish concept of hygge, which was a thing in 2018 and continues into 2019. Hygge is as much a style of living as much as a furniture trend and emphasizes warm, neutral toned fabrics, pillar candles and furniture that is simple, somewhat rustic but well-made.


More Shiny Metals

Copper was the thing for 2018 and was seen in everything from bar carts to artwork to light shades. Copper will still be popular in 2019 but will be joined by metals such as brass, wrought iron or even base metals plated in gold that have been worked into interesting shapes. This can be seen in a metal stand made to look like a tangle of branches that supports the stone top of a console table. One caveat: rose gold, which looks like copper but is more pink, is out for 2019.


Handmade Furniture

Handmade furniture has never really gone out of style, but in 2019 it will be even more popular. This can be interpreted as a nod to sustainability. Customers want to know what the item is made of, how it was made and who made it.


Natural Materials

Even though luxury vinyl floors can be made to look and even feel like natural stone or wood and MDF will always be with us, more and more homeowners are turning to natural materials for their furniture. This can be as simple and inexpensive as a stool carved out of reclaimed wood or as big and expensive as a bathtub carved out of a hunk of marble or a table made out of slabs and pillars of granite.



A real antique is an item that’s over a century old, and some of them are pricey, especially if they’re in mint condition. However, some homeowners are in a position to liven up their environment with a real antique or two. It’s even more special if it comes with an interesting history.



Nowadays, people don’t just want houseplants for their beauty but because a lot of them clean the air of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. 2019 will find lots of ferns in bathrooms and pothos on the desks of home offices. Though some interior designers decry the idea of artificial plants, they are allowed if the homeowner can’t even keep the nearly indestructible parlor palm alive.


These are only a few of what’s trending for 2019. Clearly, it shows that homeowners and apartment dwellers want their home to be a place of refuge as well as beauty. These furniture trends provide both.

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