How to Stage a Home During the Holidays for Home Buyers

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How to Stage a Home During the Holidays for Home Buyers

Selling a home is a stressful process for anyone. Many people attempt to sell their home each year. Few people realize how stressful selling a home can be in many parts of the country. Many sellers wrongly believe that the holiday season is an inferior time to sell a home. However, millions of people look for homes to purchase during December. Adjusting the style of a house to match the holiday season is an excellent option for home sellers. A holiday theme can help sellers feel more at home when looking at a property.

Holiday Theme

Home decor is one of the best ways to make a home stand out from others in the area. For a small investment, home sellers can drastically change their home to have a holiday theme. A holiday theme provides several advantages for home buyers. Not only does this theme show potential buyers what the home will look like during the holidays, but it also makes sellers feel more comfortable while looking at the house.

Adding a tree is an excellent way to make a room look great. 12 ft Christmas trees are surprisingly affordable in most areas. A large tree is an excellent idea for a prominent room in a house.

Clean the House

Although it sounds simple, cleaning a home before listing it is essential. Many home buyers neglect this part of the selling process. Although cleaning a home is an arduous process, hiring a housecleaner can be an excellent decision. When buyers walk into a home, it should look clean and smell great.

Home sellers should focus on the essential rooms in a house to clean. Lighting a few candles is an excellent way to get rid of any bad smells.

Ask for Advice

Working with a real estate agent is a proven way to sell a home faster. Real estate agents know the local housing market better than anyone. Before getting a home ready to sell, home sellers should ask their real estate agent about tips for staging the house. Every housing market is different, and the agent can provide actionable tips for sellers to follow. It is also a good idea to look at similar homes that have sold in the area over the past few months. Sellers can analyze what types of houses are selling in specific price ranges.

Some sellers get greedy when listing their home. It is a good idea to list the home slightly below market value to get the most attention from potential buyers. After listing the house, most sellers will have multiple offers to choose from.

Leave a Note for the Buyers

Another tip to sell a home quickly is to leave a note for potential buyers. The letter should be personal and fun to read. The note should also include any interesting facts about the home.

Many home buyers comment that a personal note makes them feel at home when looking at a property.


Landscaping is a vital part of a selling a house. During the holiday season, putting up some lights on the outside of a home is an excellent way to make a home stand out. A small financial investment can drastically change the appearance of a home from the road.

Any bushes or trees should be trimmed before sellers are allowed to look at the property. Buying new mulch is another inexpensive way to make a home look more presentable. Most of the required landscaping work can be completed in a day.

Although selling a home during the holidays may seem intimidating, there are various ways that sellers can improve their odds of success.

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