Eight Tips for Preparing Your Home after Surgery

Written by Posted On Wednesday, 16 January 2019 13:36

When you are undergoing a planned surgical procedure, it is a good idea to prepare ahead of time. Your home is one of the things to consider during your recovery because you may have a loss of mobility for several weeks. Here are some tips for preparing your home for recovery after surgery.


Tip 1: Eliminate the Clutter inside Your Home

Make sure to eliminate the clutter inside your home before undergoing any type of surgery. You can't lift boxes when you have stitches and stiff joints. Look around your home to see what needs to be moved to make mobility easier while you recover. This can include moving furniture that is blocking pathways or making sure that electrical cords aren't across the floor when it is difficult to lift your feet.


Tip 2: Increase the Lighting in Your Home

You may need more light inside your home while you are recovering from surgery. Make sure that the table lamps in your home have brighter bulbs, and also, make sure that the bulbs in overhead light fixtures are new. This is a great time to make sure that the window panes are clean and that you can open drapes or window blinds so that sunlight can enter.


Tip 3: Check for Loose Carpets and Rugs

Today, more individuals need anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction to repair a torn tendon in the knee. If you are recovering from ACL surgery, then it is difficult to walk. To prevent a trip and fall injury, you should make sure that the carpets and rugs in your home will remain in place. Carpets that have lumps are a tripping danger, and the rugs that are slippery can lead to a falling injury.


Tip 4: Install Assistive Devices

Bending your knee is nearly impossible after knee surgery, so you should install assistive devices in your home. There are handrails that you can attach to the side of a bathtub and a shower stall to prevent falling injuries. You may also want to have a shower chair so that you can sit while you are showering.


Tip 5: Move Your Bed to a New Location

If you have a multilevel home, then moving your bed to a different location is imperative. You can rent a bed to place in your living room, or you may want to move your current bed to a lower level of your home.


Tip 6: Install a Stair Elevator

When you watch television, you have probably seen commercials for stair elevators. After surgery, these devices are a great idea for your home when you have stairs to navigate. The elevator seat is attached to the side of the stairs so that you can sit while it transports you up and down the stairs.


Tip 7: Bathroom Access

Having access to the bathroom is imperative, and if the only bathroom that you have is on one level of your home, then this can cause problems. You may need to rent a portable toilet for the inside of your home if you are unable to walk up or down the stairs.


Tip 8: Comfort Zone in Your Home

To make recovery from surgery easier, have a comfort zone in your home. This area may be located near a television and DVD player so that you have something to do while your body heals. Have a lamp nearby so that you can read books or work on sewing projects.


Do You Have a Helper?

After surgery, you should have a helper for a few days. This can be a relative or a friend, but you can also hire a professional caregiver. This is the person who can prepare your meals, drive you to medical appointments or shop for needed items. If you do have an emergency, then this individual is near enough to help you during the crisis.

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