Differences between White Label and Private Label

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A lot of people have been recently confused about the differences between the business terms private label and white label, and so we’re going to talk about some of these differences right here and clear the air.

These are both reseller business models, and we’ll help you differentiate these models while also letting you in on how these types of business models are great opportunities to grow your business in unique ways. We’re very lucky to have teamed up with a white label seo company to help us come up with these key differences between these two terms, so take if from the experts that these are the key points that you need to keep in mind!

What’s Private Label?

This is the type of business model in which a brand will sell other types of products outside of their brand to certain resellers who will then go out and sell these unbranded products to consumers. What’s great about this business model is that both the private label and reseller can avoid certain costs that go with owning the whole chain of value.

This has been a big part of the fashion industry for decades, and this is something that a lot of retailers do in order to provide their clothing at more price points in order to broaden their target audience.

What’s interesting about private label companies is that most consumers don’t even know who they are, but do know the resellers of the products, which is because they are the ones getting the recognition.

Private Label Key Characteristics

  • Many of these companies are providing physical products, which is because if you can hold it in your actual hands then there are endless ways to slap a label on it.


  • Private label can also deal with certain types of customization, which is because a private label will many times provide unique designs for certain resellers. This is great in both ways, because the reseller gets a unique look that’s synonymous with their brand, and the private label can create products for two different products that go to competitors or two different companies.


What’s White Label?


This is more of a software type of business model, and that’s because a certain piece of software that’s unbranded can then be resold to other companies who then place their brands within the software. White label companies are somewhat similar to private label companies in that they are going behind the scenes to rebrand certain items, or software, that’s then created by another provider but the reseller gets the recognition to consumers or buyers.

This is something that used to happen in the record business in which blank album sleeves were sent to DJs who then played new music to gauge the interest of the people there in order to determine how many records should be made.

Some of the more common white-label companies are in technology and software, including SEO companies, mobile app developers and much more!

White-Label Key Characteristics

  • It’s pretty much the tech industry’s version of private label companies, so as opposed to physical goods it’s more likely solutions with software and things of that nature.
  • They tend to be a lot less customizable because of the nature of the type of products that are sold, which don’t necessarily need to differentiate all that much from the consumer’s point of view.

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Real Estate Technology Solutions for Top Producers

There’s no doubt about the importance that software solutions and technology is playing in terms of sales and marketing for the modern realtor and broker, but it’s important to realize that there are so many tech options out there for us but only a select few will more than likely get you to reach your business goals, especially if you’re being lofty.

All of the latest apps and software of course seems like it can give you the edge over your competitors, but these types of technology decisions are crucial and should be considered an investment you want serious returns on.

So we’re very fortunate enough to have teamed up with a white label seo company that works with brokers and realtors all of the time in helping them better their brand awareness, driving traffic and bolstering leads to collaborate with us on this list of some of the things you should consider having going into 2019 to become a better producer.

A Responsive IDX website

You’re going to want to make sure that your website is serving as the center of the digital universe for your career, and that’s because the backbone of all tech within the modern agent’s world is the agency website. That’s why it’s so important to have an IDX site so you can help yourself stay at the heart of all your transactions.

Everyone is synching into MLS databases in order to see only the listings that matter to them at the moment of their search, and this type of automated process is only going to continue to grow further in-depth in the future.

Have a lead management system

A lot of realtors simply don’t believe that they need what most CRM software provides, which is a fair assumption because when you look at some of the lead management systems that large corporations utilize you may think it’s all too unnecessary for what realtors do.

But it’s a great thing that there are CRM solutions specifically tailored to realtors and their needs. You should be looking for certain aspects within this type of software search, including lead activity monitoring and lead source integration.

Get comparative market analysis and home valuation tools

When you have these types of tools at your disposal you’re going to help yourself seem a lot more like an expert, because you’ll have incredible amounts of useful information at your fingertips. People want to know about the value of their home from their agents right away these days, so you should be able to gauge this properly with a home valuation resource that you can then even plug into your IDX website.

By providing this easy to use software you can help clients understand where they are in terms of the competition in their market, as well as any other trends within the industry they should know about. Some of the things you should be looking for with this type of technology are lead capture capabilities and local market data access.

Utilize an open house software to follow up on walk-ins

You can always just place a sign-in sheet at the front door of open houses, but these days it's a lot faster and easier to get the information you want from walk-ins through a software that helps potential buyers even know more about themselves and what they’re looking for in a new home. This way you can still capitalize on them being a potential client even if they don’t land the open house listing.

Open Home Pro is a really great software solution that helps potential homebuyers to add themselves into a tablet and view photos of residences that an agent has obtained, or that are simply on the market. They’ll be able to communicate with you very quickly through the app and let you know which houses they are most interested in.

Some of the things you’ll want to look for in this type of software is if it’s a white-label, customized branding so you can make it your own, unique look while still maintaining a proficient product, and you’ll also want this software to have an autoresponder email sent to leads so they can be reminded to use the software themselves!

A modern listing presentation solution

The main purpose of this type of software is to help agents with their sales pitches, both digital and in-person. Today this type of presentation given by realtors is much more automated and efficient, which will also make it a lot more convincing to buyers.

There are certain software programs that simply do a much better job than PowerPoints and other more basic presentations in terms of building up your points and making your information seem much easier to understand. Using sites like Prezi and other tools can really jazz up the aesthetics of your presentation and make it a lot more engaging.

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