How to use Social Media to Generate Leads for your Real Estate Business

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Let me get this straight: Social media is a game changer for businesses only if you do it the right way. And, especially, for real estate businesses with so much money at stake. As you know, buying homes cost a bomb. So, obviously, people won’t be in a hurry-burry to make those purchases. What that means is that a handful of tweets or Instagram posts won’t be enough to persuade them to make those expensive home purchases.

That’s not to say social media marketing is completely useless for your real estate business. Quite the contrary, you could attract high-quality leads if you use it the right away.

In this article, I’ll be highlighting the rudimentary requirements that real estate businesses need to consider to bring in more home buyers via the social media.

So, without much ado, let’s dive right in:

#1. Use Common and Customized Real Estate Hashtags

Hashtags, very often, are considered a part and parcel of social media because it’s said to increase the likes of your social media posts, bring in more engagement, and even help you discover content on social media. For real-estate businesses, hashtags could be a medium for would-be customers to discover your real estate brand.

But then, you need to leverage the right real estate hashtags, in your content, for buyers to locate you, or when you need to track down prospective buyers.

Here, I have jotted down a list of real estate hashtags that you could leverage to narrow down prospective homebuyers:

Commonly used Real Estate Hashtags

#realestate #realtor #newhome #househunting #dreamhome #justlisted #broker #forsale #homesale #openhouse #properties #homelisting #oldhousecharm #property #housing #mortgage #homesforsale

Customized Real Estate Hashtags

#Target City homes #Target City property #Target Neighbourhood #Real Estate Team Name

As you might already know, Instagram allows 30 hashtags max. So, figure out at least 30 hashtags to be included in your content. Make sure the hashtags are in keeping with your real estate brand and location. You can also try experimenting with hashtags by changing them, time and again, depending on what works for you.

#2. Use Social Media Tools

In real estate business, people are always hard-pressed for time. They have got their hands full, almost always. And, now imagine, you need to churn out content as well. Content creation and distribution consumes a hell lot of time, which could actually be used for closing real estate deals.

Enter real estate marketing apps that help businesses connect with buyers, almost instantly, through content creation and content scheduling.

New age technology and resources available these days has made social media marketing easier than ever before for your real estate brand. By employing the right social media tools, you can save quite a bit of money on the content creation and posting front.

#3. Connect with Followers

Home buyers have a lot going on their minds. They will have queries regarding the locality, town, finance involved, space, and so on. And, sure enough, they want their doubts to be cleared before they go for the buy. But then, how are these buyers clearing their doubts these days? Through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and their likes, of course. Majority of them are even using Facebook Recommendation feature to know about the best deals. What that means to real estate businesses is that they need to reach out to buyers on different social media channels to clear their doubts. Such interaction with followers on social media helps them make quick decisions with regards to your property.

#4. Establish Personal Rapport with Buyers

Sometimes realtors hire ghostwriters to write their social media posts. It’s a good thing, if your language is poor. Bad, if you are doing it because of time constraints. A ghostwriter will never be able to give the buyers an actual sense of who you really are. You, on the other hand, being neck-deep in real-estate work, can easily churn out something that truly rings a bell with the buyers. Studies show that consumers want to establish a personal rapport with businesses. And writing authentic social media content that centers on your real estate company is a sure-fire way to strike a personal rapport with them.

Your social media posts should, in a way, reflect your personality - through and through. It’s the best way to start a dialogue with your buyer before they start calling you up. For more guidance on social media messages, you could take the help of social media agencies .

#5. Use More and More Videos

If you think creating videos is an expensive proposition and could eat into your marketing budget, then think again. As per recent research, 45% of people spend more than an hour, every week, watching Facebook and YouTube videos. So, the fact remains, online videos are really important for real estate marketing.

Buyers of any product, including home buyers, are visual buyers. A video might easily resonate and even influence them to go for the house which a photo-based listing might not do so.

More than anything else, YouTube videos improve website’s rankings, which in turn, will help your site pop up in Google - a place where buyers start their search for a new home. To create engaging real estate videos, get in touch with top digital marketing companies .


#6. Publicize Customer Reviews

As it turned out, 62% of the online home buyers contact agents only if they have good reviews. So, see if you can attract more reviews and testimonials from your happy customers. You can even ask your happy customers to share video testimonials on their Instagram Stories. Or request them to fill the “review” tab of the Facebook page.

In cases, reviews are not coming your way; you can even try offering incentives, such as a discount on the next property or even free valuations of their existing properties for former customers who are yet to share their reviews. Such reviews need not be directly related to company, staff or service.

Sharing customer success stories will give the would-be homebuyers a sense of who you are and the kind of homes you are dealing with and whether you are really the right person who could help them find their dream home.

#7. Share More local Content

People checking out your properties, more or less, hail from the same or nearby areas. Even if they are coming from distant places, they’d love to have some insights about the place before moving in.

So, it’s always nice to share some local news of the place that wannabe home buyers would be interested in. For the starters, nearly 46% of Americans use social media as a news source. So, in a way, by sharing more local content, you will be adding to the news coverage – which will help you to get a foot in the door.

Wrapping Up

There you go! 7 smart tips to do social media marketing for real estate businesses. Make sure whatever strategy you use, it’s providing value to the target audience. If you can think of any more strategies, go on and add them in the comments below.

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