How to Boost Home Value with a Swimming Pool

Written by Posted On Friday, 18 January 2019 13:28

If you are like many homeowners, you may have toyed with the idea of installing a swimming pool numerous times in recent years. You may have also heard that a pool does not actually add value to your home, and you should only install a pool for your family’s own enjoyment and use. Nonetheless, you understandably may be less encouraged to pay for swimming pool installation if the cost cannot be recouped. The good news is that a swimming pool may actually increase value in many instances, but the right factors may need to be present.


Swimming Pools Are Standard in Your Area

Before contacting pool builders in Las Vegas, consider if swimming pools are common in your neighborhood. When you list your home for sale, it will directly compete with other similar homes in the area. If many homes have swimming pools, your home may actually be at a disadvantage when you list it for sale. You can see that this type of disadvantage may directly impact your ability to sell the home quickly and for top dollar. Keep in mind that it may be even more advantageous to install a swimming pool if a neighborhood or community pool is not included in common area amenities.

You Have a Higher-End Home

Buyers of higher-end homes generally are willing to pay more for luxurious features, such as a gorgeous swimming pool in a well-manicured backyard. In fact, they may expect a home to have substantial upgrades like a pool. It may also be possible to recoup some of the cost of a pool in a lower-end home, but those buyers may be more focused on value rather than luxury. With this in mind, a swimming pool in a lower-end home may be viewed as a selling point by some buyers, but buyers in this market may not be as willing to pay more for the luxury.


You Live in a Warm Weather Climate

Regardless of your community or real estate market segment that your home falls into, the local climate may trump all other factors. When you live in a warm weather climate, such as the climate in Las Vegas, a backyard swimming pool may be used almost year-round. Because temperatures can be so warm at times, it may even seem like a disadvantage to a buyer to purchase a home that does not have a swimming pool. This is a feature that many buyers may easily see a significant and beneficial use for, and they may be willing and even eager to pay more for a home that has a swimming pool.

Many Buyers May Prefer a Home with a Pool Already Installed

Some homebuyers enjoy working on their home as a regular weekend project, and they are constantly making smaller or larger improvements. Many people, however, enjoy relaxing in their home when they are not working. These buyers may prefer that a home already has a swimming pool that they can enjoy from day one of their ownership. Therefore, it may be more advantageous for some buyers to purchase a home that already has a swimming pool for a higher price than to purchase a more affordable property that still has work that needs to be done.


As you can see, there are many factors to consider as you determine whether or not a swimming pool is a smart addition for your home. While it is important to consider the impact that each of these factors may have on your ability to recoup at least some of the cost of pool installation, understand that you cannot put a price on your family’s enjoyment of a swimming pool. This is a feature that may bring your family and friends together regularly and that you can enjoy using on your own as well. Before you finalize your decision about installing a pool in your backyard, consider getting a quote and exploring design options.

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